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I bet Nene and Watames hugs cure depression

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>open Nene stream
>2 Nenes singing Bingo in broken English
>keep stream open

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>, It was a mix of pain, sadness and joy
that's love

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No no, vocal range is just how many notes you can reach, high and low. In spanish it is Timbre. "The characteristic sound of the instrument in question" which helps you recognize WHAT instrument is playing. "Ah, this is nenechi's voice". The thing with voice acting is that able people are good at altering the timbre. Take Ramirez for example as her normal voice is definitely lower but she uses a squeaky yet pleasing voice when streaming.
Voice stuff is a hard topic for me because there is a lot of intrinsic beauty in it. People are just born with a good voice as if they were chosen for it, and among them a few bother to learn to how to use their gift. Gura is good at singing and her voice is nice but I doubt she has even watched a video on voice acting or contacted a singing teacher.

Man, what a rant. Conclusion: Mi nene es la más linda

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