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>web vs irl
Ok, so it means you’re telling exactly what you’re doing in the internet, like posts in this board, to your family members and friends?
I mean, which one is the real (you), on the web? Irl?

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I just imagined it was because she was pregnant so she couldn’t continue being an idol.
I fapped in tears on the image of her 6 months swelled belly. (It felt so good.. Try it on your own if you doubt my words.)
Now just give me back my sperm and tears, and tissues I used to wipe them.

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Whole you’re playing around with this stupid meme, the most beloved idol left her place..
Stupid melon monster.. what’s that smile? What’s that funny?!
>in the autumn of 2021, there will be no member in Holo, no even Watame herself. And while the last member is in tears of her farewell stream, we’re still in the thread playing now multiplayers version of the melon game.. that’s all we got..

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