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I don't know, it will be later tonight tho

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Triggered literal faggots lmao. Nijisanji would have been so much better without males. Or at least if the first wave didn't have a literal dickhead

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To be fair sneezing can be incredibly cute

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You know, we should have sessions where we all close our eyes and try to mentally visualise ourselves in situations we would never be in. We can get other anons to describe to us settings and situations with our oshis in the greatest of detail that let's us mentally place ourselves there. I think if we just focus hard enough it would be like we're really there with them

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Do you ever wonder why your oshi isn't the most beloved girl in hololive and why she has antis in the first place? For me anyway I couldn't even conceptualise the idea of disliking Nene. To me she is the peak of perfection. The shining example of what it means to be an idol and entertainer

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she's always acting like a sweaty old man
she reacts in a perverted way towards any hint of sexual stimulus, Nene is always thinking about sex and wish she could show her wet pussy on stream, the fact that she allows all her fans to be her husbands means she would have sex with literally anybody, nothing can escape from her lust she's the embodiment of sex

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