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This week was wild for her, dog is able to live out all her passions lately. There was also the simultaneous MiKorone talk during the Tokyo Game Show but I havent watched it yet.

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>Hololive Sports ball
She's here

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Can we talk about how Korone is literally the only Holo fit for baseball?

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Post Hololive Baseball Edits

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I feel you. I still found myself hyped for /jp/ during their match though. Old habits die hard.
I'm probably going to keep cheering for them in hopes that we play against them when we make it out of groups.

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I just really like Baseball.
Is it a fetish? I mean, I have commissioned baseball art before, and I often photoshop baseball caps onto girls to use as pfp or reaction images.

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you will date her roommate after she graduates
you are blessed anon

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