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Gura has already firmly demonstrated that she doesn't give a shit about that sort of thing.

>sharks go into a feeding frenzy over food
>chumbuds go into a horny frenzy over tummy
The natural order

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I'm certain true anime fans and vtuber fans would rally behind her. Not only that, the other side will just do bad optics the entire time by openly doxxing and harassing her on MAINSTREAM and not just this closeted shitty site. Even on twitter and youtube rn, Nyannerantis arevery segregated from essentially the entire community of anime and vtubers. They know speaking up against her 2d=3d views and starting some crusade would be a stupid option. Now, when the retards on twitter, they'll just openly try to dox and harass her ass. Even her more prominent followers who are into her. That will just be bad optics for them all around. I'm 100% sure True anime and vtuber fans who understand the culture around these mediums would actually stand by her and give their support. I know I would. Plus, all the fake grifting clout chasers and puritans will get booted off.

>Unless she starts UOHposting, I don't know.
No, it won't work. Even just suggestive shit, people are still way in denial about it all. Even when you show them proof that gura is a pure cunnyseur, niggas deflect and just say, "well, she doesn't seem like a loli". Most people don't even know what a loli is or have some weird as misconception about it. like the copium in this thread saying nyanners wasn't even a loli, or some stupid shit like fixating on their height, age, or mannerisms. I'm convinced nyannerfags don't actually know what the fuck they're saying and they just hope the opposition is just spouting schizo rrats to try to pick up their newfag slack there. These fucking people need a wake up call and do some research on what the fuck a loli is. Then they'll realize that both Gura and Nyanners fitted that bill. They also need a reality check that lolis can be sexualized and you aren't a horrible person for it.

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No, stop parroting this propaganda. She never disowned her original fanbase. She's just moving on.

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She meant this.

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Gura is a based cunnyseur. There's nothing wrong with being a lolicon. It's ok to be a loli with breasts. It's also ok to be a loli with curves. Real lolicons understand this. Ironic weebs will just make fbi jokes and retards will scream pedo. Just know Gura literally does not care.
Gura is a loli. fucking deal with it. It's not a sin.

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