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There's no teamate left that denies Ame being inconsistent right? I love Ame dearly and accept her flaw of being inconsistent
In a way this shows that she doesn't see Hololive as a job but as something that she uses to be herself

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oh well at least >we will still have Ame

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>Ame is the only one not collabing with a Hololive outsider yet
there's some irony in that hence all the "twitch whore"

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Not that anon but I'm reposting it just for you
>Allows you fulfill your wildest fantasies with other homies
>Will do membership-exclusive snack eating and drinking
>Is planning on an anime watchalong next week. May be either Made in Abyss or the adaptation of the manga she's reading
>Is also thinking about doing a watchalong of the old Cats stageplay and not the new remake
>Has a lot of collabs planned that aren't announced and is grateful of being invited to so many
>Asked Homies for future collab ideas; has gotten recommended collabs with: Ina, Aki, Miko, Ame, Moona, Reine, Ollie, and Sora
>Has stated she doesn't talk much to HoloEN anymore. Reason being: The HoloENs have all increased in how busy they are and take a while to respond -- it's also the reason HoloEN collabs haven't occurred until Gura.
>Believes in magic. Understands magic is real and witches exist. Has learned of Wiccans for current-day "good witches"
>Believes IDs are more in-tune with the spiritual world because of the high rate of supernatural activity they experience
>Has been watching Holofightz since that one time someone told her about it. Hasn't seen the fight with Ina yet but plans to now since she was told the archives are on Youtube too

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Being here since day 1 it has come to my attention that KFP are the least tribalistic fanbase outside of teamates since I am biased there

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Gurame schizos continue to be Ame's biggest antis

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>Ina MH collab (Ina and Fubuki flirting with each other. Lamy and Roboco adopting new EN lingo because of Ina)
>Nene 3D live (confirmed live due to scuff, confirmed idol due to making the scuff entertaining)
>Okayu song cover with Kanatan and Solo Concert announcement
>Risu Live 2D update (no more flat face, hat and jacket removal, overall more fluid movement)
>Haachama announcement (indefinite hiatus)
>Mori and Gura collab (scuffed but fun)
>Marine Coco drawing (Almost complete, final touches done offline)
>Anya RE8 (ongoing)
>Reine 999 (ongoing)
>Aki ASMR (ongoing)
>Polka SC reading and chat (ongoing)
>Coco karaoke and SC reading (ongoing)
>Korone Sonic Adventure (ongoing)
What would you rate today so far?

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there's 30 more minutes till the end of the game max

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I'm excited for Ina.

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