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I never understood the power of idolatry until I became a nekko. I would without hesitation and with utmost efficiency hack apart anyone that upsets her with a machete. I have never felt this way about any woman before

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Me too!

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You know. I reckon that if we all just pretend Coco was still around then collectively we could probably make a pretty believable illusion of her still being around. Heck, we could probably trick ourselves into believing it. All we need to do is conduct a coordinated effort to make the projection true

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Just found out the holoEN 2 has both a new zealander and aussie. Tasman banter incoming?

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>When Gura was trying to hold back her tears during the 6 month EN collab
Yeah, this was a good one. I wish I didn't had to bring up my wife's friend kiara but it pissed me off lots when she said "Are you crying?? huh?? huh???" yeah, she has bad tact and all but, goddamn it read the room.

My fav moment was when my nene said 頑張って良かった after singing a sad song on her big new outfit reveal. I think it was staged to be sad, considering the song set list but that doesn't mean her feelings were faked. Something similar happened when she had her karaoke stream where she revealed the 3d debut date. Sad song, cry a little... it makes me wonder whether or not is moral to do it. Nenechi was truly emotional in this two events I mentioned but the way it was carried out left me with a bad taste

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The benefits of being a nekko. And since I am a tier 2 member, I got this baby at 13% off

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Prove to me that you TRULY love your oshi

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I love Nenechi!!

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I have a hard time staying up to date with my nene :( I just don't understand a thing whenever I tune in to her streams live and I think I was able to get the gist of what was happening before.

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>iCarly was also the gateway to livestreaming and eventually lead to her becoming a vtuber
>Can pronounce "tomato juice" and "potato chips" in english perfectly but nothing else
>won all Among Us games by pure luck
>Trapped herself in a room she made as a prank for Botan
>Lost 51% of nenepro stocks to HAACHAMA of all people, becoming an underling in her own company
>Went afk in minecraft after a stream, rendering flare, luna, pekora and moona unable to sleep in the server when they played hours later
>Went into a 3D stream as a cardboard cutout
>Married a dying cthuluian korean woman and confessed their love to each other
>Wanted to spice up her way back home from highschool and ended up walking through a sketchy alley.
>Siphoned Korone's spanish audience with a pinned message, making her their new queen
>Watched teen beach movie more than 10 times thinking it was for adults
>Sent her most schizo of stalkers into a brief frenzy with a single tweet making them think she's going to leave Hololive
>Died first twice in a row in Phasmophobia to the point where the ghost no longer even phases her
>Chose Ame (the imposter) over Mori (who she was with an had an alibi) simply because Ame was cuter
>Has collabed with Iofi at least twice as of this rendition of the pasta, and still mispelled her name as "Ioli" during the big Among Us collab
>Entered a Discord voice channel Polka was in during her solo to tell her she's in the wrong channel
>she would call an unsharpened pencil a magic wand, mix grass into water and call it a potion, write down cool anime lines to her notebook and wear a bandaid on her nose because she thought it was cool. She wanted an eyepatch too, but couldn't get it since you needed to go to an optician for one and she didn't have the money
>managed to creep out Matsuri by asking her to bottle some snot for her
>Asserted her dominance in Minecraft by slapping Polka's ass then burying her in a wall of dirt labeling it as "Polka's room" then slept with each other and went on an adventure where they got so lost they needed to hunt for food
>She had the objective of getting one (1) kill in APEX. Ended up becoming champion instead.
>co-created the phrase "5menmasai" with Polka when Subaru told her she didn't count her 4th death then died again immediately after
>Spammed Polka's twitter to the point of being blocked
>Shamelessly told Matsuri, Suisei and Kanata about how she wants men to click their tongues at her when they pass by
>She went to a hot stone spa and didn’t knew whether or not to take off her underwear so she resorted to peek at people who were already in there. (She was with Lamy btw)
>Bought over 10 panties at the same time during a sale but they were too large for her. Before streaming she put one on top of her pants and posed in the mirror. Finally she decided to wear one on her head during the stream. (Hentai Kamen)
>When she was a kid, she fell off a swing and bit the inside of her mouth. Her first thought was “I should let some blood accumulate so I can spit it out in a badass way”
>Spoiled polka’s 3D date when posting her schedule for that week
>She ate snow and complained it tasted like dirt though it was freshly fallen. By the way she doesn’t suck on icicles but munches on them.
>In Mio’s 2021 haiku competition, she wrote a haiku about eating dirt-flavoured snow
>When she was the middle school archery club. She snapped two icicles that formed below the dojo floor saying 角(つの)! Then she ate them.
>Management forced her on a three-day break where she went to the hospital for a checkup. And they changed her twitter password.
>She filled a large bottle with spring water on a school trip and then drank it in one go. She got sick
>She thinks Japanese crane games are very deep
>Two weeks after spoiling polka’s 3d debut, she spoiled lamy’s.
>She made a barrage of lewd poses and suggestions during lamy’s 3D. The chat voted who was the best “producer” out of the three and she beat shishiron and omarun by a landslide
>The day after lamy’s 3d, she started talking about it and the talk got so degenerate to a point she started saying she wanted to slurp lamy’s “water” straight from her armpit. All the while she kept retweeting screenshots from lamy’s 3d. Did I mentioned lamy was watching the stream?
>Did cameos on the ENTIRE akukin relay, showing up on everyone’s stream.
>Planted jungle trees as décor on top of Akukin HQ in such a way it looks like a huge dick. She wasn’t too shy about it.
>Is on very good terms with her family. Her dad literally blasted Blue Clapper in his car when giving her a lift last time she went home and uses "またねね" in the family line chat.
>Commented her armpit gets sweaty when seeing akasupa. Proceed to see a lot of red. Talked about sweat and odor for a while.
>After six months of her debut, she created a mascot that represents the Nekko. A carrot

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Me too anon...

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actually, let's do that

why would you care, faggot
let Darwin take care of it, better yet, tell all of them indivudually to do it vertically so it actually does stuff instead of just create LOOK AT ME scars for attentionwhores.

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I don't really have anything to say to our Japanese bros but let's watch Nenechi later, okay?

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