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I hope she's okay. Mumei seems to have pretty brutally bad luck and is operating under really high stress due to school. Poor girl.

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No moomer in jackbox...

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That's it, I'm a Mumei anti now

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Literally anything since every moment without her is painful

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I appreciate you looking on the bright side of things, anon

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It hurts knowing that I will never find anyone 1/1000000 as cute as she is

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I'm depressed that I won't ever find someone like her character. I don't know the girl behind her at all so it's unfair to try forcing my projections of what she is like based solely off of her puppeting of a character that has a lot of traits I find cute, endearing, or otherwise charming.

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>Ywn be taught basic things by a kind teacher Kiara while she treats you like a developmentally disabled 8 year old

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Why is the kino at this fucking hour I want to sleep

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>Mumei streaming in 10 minutes

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I'm worried that if she does an actual history stream, it's gonna be poorly researched and full of inaccuracies. I think the history thing might have just been fluff for her lore.

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she's fine

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Gura's getting canceled for making fun of a mentally challenged kid...

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$100. At least she read my superchat.

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But why

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>hey reine I loved that pic you drew of me so much
>here's a picture of a realistic peacock head on the corner of a page where I drew some other inane bullshit
>yeah it's just the head I forgor how to draw the rest
>hope you like it!

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>Be Mumei
>Be born into a poor family, your father left you when he learned your mother was pregnant
>Get diagnosed with light autism at a young age, generally harms your development
>Still, you grow up with your mother, whom you love a lot
>Continue being Mumei, on your fourth birthday
>Wait for your mother, who is coming back from work with a present for you
>Keep waiting
>Learn that she was stabbed to death by a mugger on her way home
>Nobody in your family wants to deal with you
>Enter foster care
>The other kids bully you because they think you're weird
>Your caregivers mistreat you, both emotionally and physically
>Grow up, never get adopted
>Develop anxiety and depression as a result of your poor environment
>Become an adult, suddenly you have to take care of yourself
>Be homeless
>Try to get a job, can only get minimum wage low-skill jobs since you never got education or marketable skill
>Eventually settle into a routine, life is getting better
>Get a computer and start to study some basic things, develop an interest in ancient civilizations and history
>Find more interests, get into anime and VTubers, as well as simulator games
>Suddenly one day, be on your way home from the night shift at your job
>Be crossing the road, when you're suddenly hit by a speeding drunk driver
>Be hospitalized. You survived, but didn't get away unharmed
>Both of your legs are now permanently paralyzed
>Have a massive medical bill because you're uninsured
>Get fired from your old job as a consequence of now being disabled
>You try to find another job, but it is nearly impossible, nobody wants to hire a cripple
>See your meager savings running out, be ready to end it all
>One day, be on the internet while wallowing in your depression
>Suddenly, you read about auditions for the second generation of hololive English
>Thinking you have nothing to lose, you give it a shot
>Surprisingly, it actually goes well
>Get selected to join hololive
>Mold your persona into one that's perfect for you, drawn by an artist you like
>Meet your genmates, who are all supportive and talented people
>Around this time, notice that you're having issues remembering things
>After multiple tests, get diagnosed with early-onset dementia
>It's over, within a few years you will inevitably fade away from this world
>Cry yourself to sleep for an entire week, unable to do anything
>Still, manage to regain hope, you can still make the best out of your life
>Debut approaches and you get announced
>Search yourself to see what people are thinking
>People are speculating about your past life, the only other group you can find discussing you is pasting your model over images of games you've never even seen before
>Get extremely nervous, unsure if you can live up to the expectations placed on you
>Debut is delayed by a day, spend the entire day practicing what you're doing for your debut again
>You debut, seems like everything went alright
>Look up reactions to your debut, people are discussing more about your previous identity and already calling you a whore
>Get seriously bummed out, but at least the collab stream with your genmates should be fun!
>Do that, it goes well despite some technical difficulties
>Do one last egosearch, people now call you boring, even saying your inclusion in hololive was a mistake
>It hits you hard, cry yourself to sleep thinking about it
>Question if they're right
>Put out a light schedule and make your streams short because you think people should focus on your genmates instead
>Meanwhile, your own streams are a mess
>Your lack of experience streaming shows through a flurry of technical difficulties
>You try to downplay your increasingly more severe memory issues as a joke, but some viewers are starting to really question it
>Go to bed and stare at the ceiling for hours, wondering why it all went wrong
>Your last beacon of hope is crumbling
>Your life is crumbling

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>Mumei is into baby shit because her early infancy was the last time she felt happiness

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I don't know what you're talking about

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doxxfags blew their load way too early

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You just know that she practices her streams in front of a mirror and then cries herself to sleep after going off-script too many times

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