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Fubuki signaling NijiEN might actually be a sign of a course shift
and Finana is a big Mori fan
expect change

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Anu start is still playing in my head on a loop

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Is that......
A new start???
That's my favorite song.

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Indie scene snatched a huge number of the viewers and spread them thin. A new ENchuuba pops up like every two hours or so.

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>Literally do their side of the contractual deal for them, because they won't/can't
>Will probably face stern discord messages about this for embarrassing the company

Cover hate is ogey

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kiara having a mental breakdown on her anniversary stream let's go

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New rrat thread since the old one was deleted.

>Kiara has a gun
>Ina is pregant
>Amelia Watson is an anagram of Womanliest
>Mori once brapped so hard Kiara moved back to Australia
>One of the rrats in the last thread was true that's why a janny deleted the thread, my lack of meds have given me clarity of rrat.
>Gura wants to collab with Sykkuno but Ame told her it's only sexy for her when she NTRs her with other girls
>The Vshojo collabs were being fought agains by Gunrun, not Yagoo, as his girls are less Yabai than Hololive
>Yagoo is Sora's older brother, he gave her the job through nepotism/desire to see his imouto as an idol
>Gura wanted to be a pony vtuber by Yagoo blackballed it because he went to /mlp/ and after he finished throwing up he opposed it strongly.
>All the other gen1 girls hated Kiara until around Jan 2021, now they love her because they realised how based she is
>Pekora's mum can open a bottle of pekowine using only her vagina
>Peko says she weighs 3 carrots peko, but you can see 3 carrots in her hair, is the rest fake? Are those fake carrots? Is pekora really a ghost peko?
>Kiara and CDawgVA are in a longterm sexual contest in which they compete to fuck as many vtubers as possible, so far kiara is in the lead having fucked Marine, Nene, and Mori, while CDawgVA has merely repeatedly fucked Mori and Milkyqueen at the same time. CDawgVA plans to fuck Veibae and/or Froot while in the UK, whereas Kiara is planning a christmas off-collab with all of Myth together to make her moves on Ame, Ina and Gura. Ultimately the deciding factor is whether or not Ollie will go to Japan at some stage, I'll come back to this rrat if HoloID get a 3D live.
>Mori once brapped so hard CDawgVA threw up on her breasts and milkyqueen had to leave the room
>I used to think Ina was boring then I watched Snoozeowl.

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>trans SC is posted here
>30+ (you)'s
>Kronii skips the SC
>like 3 anons acknowledge it
do the rratniggers and doomniggers have adhd?

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>Mansley is a timelooper

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>Aloe was supposed to return after two weeks

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>dad rrat is not a rrat

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She was the one who posted "NO" with the picture of her clothes exploding off her body
It was her all along

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Sorry anons but I'm gonna doxx her. She actually looks like this irl.

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It's over.

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