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>I try lots of games
>doesn't like RTS

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I made a thread talking about these kinds of people a long while back in the earlier days of /vt/
When the Kiara hate was huge.
still have the text of it saved.

As much as we might dislike Kiara or any other Holos, I don't think we should wish for their
graduation. For one, I don't want to see the other EN girls cry or be sad about something like
this. Especially after having followed them since debut, from their beginning. I didn't follow
Gen 5 or VOMs from their beginning but still, seeing fanart with Aloe or Monoe just out of frame
hits me like a fucking truck. And if there is one thing I don't want to see while scrolling twitter
or whatever, is more of that. I don't want to see HoloMyth fanart with anyone out of frame, implied
to be taking the photograph and see their hand outstretched making a peace sign, I don't want
to see their shadow or a glimpse of their hair off on the side or them far in the background of the
picture. I don't want anything like that. I like to think no one here really wants to dislike her, I want us
to try to encourage her to do better. I'm just putting my thoughts out there about this. I know this post
probably seems incredibly lame, and knowing 4chan, it'll likely be mocked. But at least consider what I've said.
And maybe we can discuss this more.

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Apparently it's health related, fuck.
>sings angel with a shotgun and happily namedrops Uto
That was too cute, I hope that if there is a god that it looks after her dammit.

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I'm scared too, hold me anon

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Please, just let her memory be.
Whether or not we see her again.

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Can you imagine what we could've had?

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