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Good on you chumbud, break that cycle.

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>Become bigger, as big as me. Or even surpass me.
debut already!

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>watches you build from afar
>watches you complete the project
>lights your entire project on fire with a flint and steel

Huahaha gotta pay the sempai tax! Shahahark!

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Wow Gura showed up. Did anyone other than Gura and Ina make it?

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This, it's already how she gets by in the JP minecraft server with N6 level japanese. They probably view her nihongo the way we view Mr. Koro's english.

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On the previous thread some anons where talking about the reason for why most indies tend to be Takos or Deadbeats instead of Chumbuds, and i came up with a few reason as for why.
>Gura big numbers
This reason can be see as a detriment to call yourself a Chumbud, Gura's numbers put her in a league a kin to one of a superstar (like saying you're a big fan of Johnny Depp) No one would consider a fan of her to be something special so to differentiate themselves of the rest they go for a less know one
>Ina and Mori artistic output
Both Ina and Mori produce a lot of content that is not strictly Vtuber related, Ina has her drawings and Mori her music, this puts them, in the eyes of indies, as the "girls who made it big by following their passion", At best, this generates a sense of admiration for the girls, and at worst, they project themselves on them.
>They just enjoy them more
Self-explanatory, but does not explain the difference in the number of indies who call themselves Taokos or Deadbeats over the other girls.
Please consider than trying to pin point a reason is almost impossible and these are only hypothesis

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blessed GET

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heres my list
-zoo tycoon 1/2
-melty blood
-jet set radio
-any suda games
-rimworld w/ rimjobworld
-arxfatalis or dishonored1

rate faggots

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>game is fun
>fans ruin it with imagined drama

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Gura's grasp of old memes makes me seriously wonder if she was posting on 4chan when she was like 10. Ina frequently references old /a/ memes. Mori's roommate talked about posting on 4chan on twitter. I'm pretty sure Ame is pure twitch/reddit, and that Kiara never bothered, as she's pretty much the biggest normie of the bunch.

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I really love the boomer meme trinity

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Will Gura and Ina get a chance to collab with Coco?

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is this the Trinity of classic memes?
I like it

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there is still some combos that haven't been done, but Ina + TakaMori is great
I wanna see Ina + CalliGura tho, they are all raised on similar internet culture

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