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>The girls ask how the fuck she was doxxed
>Pink whore says it was 4chan
>They inquire on what the fuck she was doing on 4chan
>The pink fleshlight starts to panic and goes silent
>They investigate and find her history on 4chan
>They find recordings of her saying nigger and her racist rants against koreans
>They drop her like a hot potato

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I don't know, but it's comedy bronze.

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> Company V-Tuber thread

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I just entered this thread to tell you and all other delusional cumskin muh tradwife cucks that you will never reproduce, and you're an inbred bastard.

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To all the people in this thread

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>Laugh at me please.
very well.
and I hope that sickens of yours finally passes

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I came here to laugh at you degenerates. But seriously, though, what the fuck is wrong with you people ?

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fucking schizo

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This is just Zeon/Krony propaganda!

Don't believe them.

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>no katakana on Gundam
Not realistic.

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>I meant in EN2 you fucking clipwatcher. I watched the entire relay and mumei was the only one who adressed her properly.

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>random names
A girl who made meme shit. Posted on /a/ and /cgl/, deleted some of her old videos, the most popular being a 5 second voice over of loli hentai. Deleted the video because she now thinks loli porn is like CP. I don't know/understand how or why lolifags here care, as being called pedos is a day in the office for them, but here we are. Mind you, it's not like the girl was a fucking champion of degeneracy or whatever, she was just popular because of the loli voice, I think her best video was one where she read a Madoka fanfic, and she's not even fully responsible for that.

I think people hate her because she's got a moderate level of internet success nowadays. Which is why I ask if they don't hate other fags that posted here that "made it," the most comparable example to Nyanners being Rina-chan, who voice acted in NewGrounds stuff and ended up being the voice of 2B. If anything, that must hurt Nyanners more honestly, not being a professional voice actress.
There's also some schizo rrat about her hating all "loli" vtubers, despite every single one saying their adults.

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>paying to watch anime you had to pirate

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>Everybody thought Kiara pushed for it
Everybody shits on the chicken
>Kiara reveals Mori was the one who pushed for it
Everybody praises Mori

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