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>Kobo will pass Bae within 24 hours
Ok now this is actually fucking unfair. Bae works very hard.......

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>Multi millionare womanchild complains about her 100 dollar PC parts giving her problems
A tale as old as time. Only the ENs pull this stupid shit. BUY SPARE COMPUTER PARTS. IT"S YOUR JOB.

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>She drew it
How does Bae know what a penis looks like...?

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It's days like this that I'm jealous of Kroniis fans. It feels like she genuinely cares and wouldn't lie to you. Really can't say the same for the other ENs.

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Old IRyS
>Weekly karaoke
>ASMR for members
>Deliberate and thoughtful game choices that prioritize viewer experience
>Made actual effort to be seiso
>One of the top ENs at maintaining kayfabe
>Real schedules
Modern IRyS
>Karaoke once a month (maybe)
>ASMR dead forever
>Lucky if you get a schedule
>Awful lazy game choices. Usually just plays stuff she sees others play
>Shamelessly drops games out of nowhere like an ADHD riddled 12 year old
>Cries on stream about normalfag problems
>YabaiRyS116 did I say something weird microwave sounds on Twitter quirky girl
What the hell happened? I can barely find any traces of the woman that captivated me only 10 months ago.

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I just realized Gen 5 didn't even have to wait 6 months for their 3D and only Nene got delayed. HoloX 3Ds are 100% ready. IRyS and Council don't matter........

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11 ENs and not a single comfy Texan hag. Cover is so bad at scouting....

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>Gura gone
>Mori gone
>Kiara gone
>Ame still doing reaction content / watch a longs 2 years into her career
>Ina Elden Ring #16
>Irys mentally ill
>Kronie sick
>Bae sick
>Sana sick
They've already picked out Gen 3 right? This is kinda pathetic.

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You faggots give Ollie a young girl crap about making a pee joke but you jerk off to lolicon before bed. Get over yourselves.

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>Kiara doesn't get invited to a big EN / JP cross collab that includes her Oshi Pekora
>Mori anti posting mysteriously starts up again out of nowhere
Make it less obvious.

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This Irys playlist sucks. White woman music is so boring and soulless.

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Mumei and Gura is such an awful soulless paring. Sana is unironically carrying this by having an actual personality.

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>Nothing the entire day
>Some shitty Fortnite Collab ( one of Gura worst streams of all time) overlapped with a decent but unremarkable Phogs Collab
>Nothing the entire night
>Shitty Elden ring playthrough ( worst in EN branch) overlapped with a sponsored stream nobody will watch
Whens EN3?

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>There isn't a single shaved Vagina in that karaoke room.

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Is Kiara seriously overlapping her genmates birthday totsu? That's like unheard of in the EN branch. What could possibly be so important that she can't push it back a few hours?

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>The Irys split is STILL shiting on Mumei 24 hours later
How the fuck did one of the sweetest girls in Hololive attract subhumans that make /jp/ look unity?

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How you people watch Ina for more than a few minutes? I can literally feel my serotonin draining from my body from how boring she is.

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Gura is boring. Is this really it for ENs for the night...?

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>Noel only care about you if you are multi-millionaires-tier, below that you are just a casual orbiter
Don't remind me, it hurts thinking Noel is so out of my league. We have so much in common but it'll never be.

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If the expo starts at 5 jst, how many hours does it usually last? Asking for what it'll do to my sleep schedule.

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110 lbs

Architectbros... we lost

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Don't go.

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Jesus could you have sent a more template Birthday video? It felt so unpersonalized. I know they barely interact but god damn. At least mention her music or something?

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