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Give me all your rrats of every single holo chuuba.

>Tokino Sora
Yagoo's Niece or some other relative
Is not actually 21. She is at least mid 20s or late 20s.
Is an actual Menhera and had problems with Aqua
Tried to /u/ Pekora in bed during their off collab.
Daughter of an English teacher or something, not a Psychopath but milking the rrat anyway for more views
Former AKB48 Idol
Actual Menhera and depressed
>Aki Rose
Housewife with children
>Haachama/Akai Haato
Parents hate her being in hololive, was abused in Australia
Legitimately Autistic and loves China
She made the first move to Marine
From a poor and unlucky family. Her stream voice is fake and because of that she damaged her voicebox
Housewife with children
Divorcee with child, later ex-husband won custody of her child
Fatto Catto
Right wing nationalist and dislikes most of her peers, especially Kiara
NoeFurea is a kayfabe
Legitimately suicidal
Brocon that creeped the fuck out of her brother that he got married the first chance he go to get away from his tittymonster sister
Is an actual virgin because she's unattractive (at least to jap guys)
Overweight and possibly suicidal
Was a stripper/erotic dancer when she was in the US
Was sexually abused during her childhood
Compulsive liar, and also fucking stupid
Has some sort of long term disease
Alcoholic to the point of being abusive to everyone around her
ADHD and disowned by her family
Divorced, had abortion
Fatto and had abortions twice
Doesn't even wanna do vtubing in the first place and is an asbolute tryhard. Will leave if she had the chance
Her rrats deserve a separate thread
Bipolar. Actual Schizo. Slashes her wrists
Cause the death of one of her family members because she was too busy being an e-thot
Lives alone and will probably die alone

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>trusting the rrats
All part of keikaku

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