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I'm watching Bae, IRyS and hearing Astel.
Thanks for reading my blog.

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Ame literally is looking if smol character is different enough from Ame to leave Hololive and keep streaming with smol Ame

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>Starts game
>Names a lion pokemon "monke"
>Never streams the game ever again

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Will Ina avoid the midway level on this soulless husk of a CoD campaign?

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Just saw a comment under Ame's zatsudan about NFT, scams and the environment. Seems like the guy was pissed. I don't understand shit about NFT but I find it funny.

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>Ame shitcoin trading stream
Rate the idea

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tongue my waxed asshole

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>Protagonist and face of EN
>Regarded as the most creative in Hololive
>Responsible for the mantainign EN popularity momentum with her projects
>Every single JP is infauted with her
>Discord and Gmod work for her for free
>Can get perms with a single twit
Keep coping and letting her live rent-free in your head.

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I like Ame and her friends, not a bunch of old riceniggers in suits making shitty decisions

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>Ina: 6k
>Ame: 6k
It seems Takos got too cocky too quickly.

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For the next festival they should just build 5 different obstacle race courses, Obstacle Race is based

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>Yeah I'm done with these rigged games, I'm out. Where the fuck is Gura? I'm going tongue deep on her pristine cunny

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imagine typing all this out, whatever it is

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>"Third" place EN has this much online presence
>The biggest vtuber in the world barely pull things like this.
Perhaps Gura is not really the most popular vtuber after all.

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who cares how well they sing I'd go to every show with Ame and Choco there

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To be honest the only Anya streams I've ever watched were Outer Wiilds and Idol Manager, but those were good streams

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>things were going so well
Then they got better

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Another edgelord eats a ban

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Look at that

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Last time Jets won the superbowl was '69

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Valorant is a good game

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Idk what this song is, so Im just assuming Ame is singing it perfectly

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The only thing on this guys channel are a music playlist labeled skull and crossbones emoji and another playlist labeled How to Get Good (GTAO)

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Bans are entirely up to the discretion of the the meidos.

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