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Gura avoids drama like its contagious.
She won't say anything or do anything unless her manager forces her.
This is likely why her involvement in the coco graduation was separate from the rest. Management had to force her into it

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Will this do?

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I realised this while taking a shit as it reminded me that the USA is a thing.

Another reason Cover may not be doing 3D stuff and a lot of other shit with Myth is tax.
See three of the Myth members are US citizens and the USA is one of two global taxation nations on the planet. As in it levies taxes on its citizens no matter where in the world they are. Even income tax.
Meaning you'd not only need to jump through all the hoops of getting them work visas and managing their Japanese taxation but you'd also need to arrange management of their US tax obligations on the work they did in Japan.
This means its highly likely that Gura and Ame would LOSE money on a JP trip. And Cover may feel its unfair to demand anything from them on that basis alone (or perhaps even in violation of their contracts)
Now Calli is also a US citizen but she seems resigned to tank those tax losses to the ever hungry maw of Uncle Sam. Since she was able to leave the USA after her last trip to see her family its clear she's kept up on her US income tax obligations.

Now the management costs may be minimal since in theory the girls should have arranged professional accounting to help them with managing their tax obligations and minimising their tax exposure. The USA basically makes it mandatory.
But they'll still be paying two lots of income tax.

The USA is in general a taxation nightmare. Involving anyone from the USA in your company activities is a great way to open yourself up to a lot of unexpected taxation problems.
Personally I wouldn't be shocked if Cover did a EN gen hiring mainly from North America and it was all Canadians, it would be the smart move.

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Some degree of bisexuality is actually common in human females but there is a general preference for males.
Basically you put a woman in a situation where females are readily available but men are not or carry risks and they will seeks to sexually satisfy themselves with females.
Even when males are available some bisexual behaviour is fairly common as a kind of bonding behaviour between females and as a sort of "advertising" display to attract males.
So it's not unusual that these young girls in a situation where their access to males is severely curtailed and carries considerable risk to their income are instead seeking female companionship.

Males on the other hand. You need to completely cut them off from female interaction for a prolonged period for them to start displaying homosexual behaviour.
Normally any degree of homosexual behaviour is very unusual in males with most males responding aggressively to its presence. Brain activity studies have shown that the typical male response to observing male on male homosexual behaviour is on par with that of observing mangled bodies, rotting meat and maggots.

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Name the best rigging on hololive based on the character.

Anya and Gura being zero of course.

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>replying to bait posts with a long ass essay

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