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>moshi moshi

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Default Shark looks so out of place there, what the fuck?

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Kronii will join Korone's gang

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i'm going to say it.
i don't care about mamas and papas who pretend to be vtubers. their streams aren't related to hololive if they're not collabing with a holo or if they don't talk about hololive and people should stop posting about these streams. i only care if i know the artists from their other works, e.g. huke/pochi and they make at least some attempt to regularly interact with hololive.

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longcat lol

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Go swallow lye before using Korone to shitpost, you fucking faggot.

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hello? based department?

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If you prank call this number again I'm revoking your yubi privileges.

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I do not know Japanese and never did my reps but at the same time I can understand some shit thanks to immersion.
I can enjoy more cute girls now.

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I raffed

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Bass departomen?

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hello? based department?

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Herro based department?

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Wrong website dumbass. You're looking for reddit.

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Good job, thread of the week

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>Ame is doing her own thing
>Kiara is doing her own thing
>Mori is doing her own thing
But no, is totally the devil's management pointing at Gura's face with a shotgun supervising every thing she does.

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Ame denwa

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I've got my eye on you.

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holy fuck the poles are based

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Trash talking to teammates who can't hear her. She also has every right to talk huge shit about unironic beginners in normals if she's the supposed Predator player people think she is.

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yes this is dog

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i bring small factoid for those who care about chammers

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Keep crying, bitch nigger.

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