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Soon, but not 6 months yet
And I mean somewhere in May, not necessarily the 30th

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surely only one person could possibly be disagreeing with you

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Korones 'previous' account got wiped on YouTube. On it was a video of her crying and she explained the origin of the yubi. Does it still exist ?

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Imagine paying to go to the concert, getting glowsticks/merch and everything, expecting your favourite Sankisei girls to all be up on stage together and interacting with the audience.

And then you get this.

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Most people that watch hololive have no idea that nijisanji even exists. Exposing that audience to a niji talent and making the masses aware of nijis existence runs the risk of hololive losing viewers to them.

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Skyrim is unironically a fucking great game if you selectively rebalance certain aspects of the game with mods, such as the gold economy and loot

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For me, it’s Chopin’s preludes.

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She sounds exactly like Korone with those first two squeaks.

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This is what happens when you push memes like 'le reine doxxfag hit squad'

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I probably won't care about vtubers at all if not for the DOOG.

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I dream about it as well, Chammers.

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Pekora is such a fun heel. God she's based.

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Who hurt you Anon?

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>Was really looking forward to watching Bae's Mad Rrat Dead because it's a good game
>Realize it's at the same time as Korosan's birthday
Well, that's a shame.

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Does she actually speak Japanese?

If so why does she not use it?

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Right-o then chaps.
Threads either died or been recycled way too often lately.

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I don't blame you. Anons here suffer from different kinds of retardation, or at least pretend to; usually multiple at once:

>Yearning for attention from chuubas that will never care about you
>Caring about "idol culture" and believing that their oshis are virgins
>Believing/not believing roommate rrats basically at random
>Thinking the relationship status of a roommate is relevant even though they'll never meet irl
>Definition of GFE or cuck is whatever they need for their argument

Anyone who is invested in the outcome of these "discussions" should be ashamed, you're gossiping about meaningless topics like the worst kind of woman.

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What is the appeal of ina ?

Doesn't talk during solo streams or collabs, cringes/can't mentally handle mature jokes, occasionally makes puns....am I missing something ?

She is talented but I don't understand why you want to watch her.

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Based saneposter.

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I just got back from a date with a girl

What did I miss from the Gura stream?

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NTA but I have never defended management so fuck you, you're still wrong.

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