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It might also gotten to Mori how interest died down/complaints per session(outside of the delays) of the audience, with how lenient and forgiving she got. Kiara in a position to get really fucked up since she's hypnotized? Just gets tied up. Ame got heavily damaged? Vampires stop after getting hit on the eye. Ina and Gura are in the presence of the vampir leader that's way stronger than them? They just play a game of cards to get away. Kiara suffered some trauma/debuff? Just give her the jitters that are promptly forgotten in later sessions. Gura's character is being touched by a ghost that had voodoo dolls of them? She just lost some years in her lifetime.

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Says the guy who's bringing in discussion that's not related to vtubers at all. What next? You gonna post a video/stream from the NBA on how many people are watching them compared to vtubers?

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Kronii, and in relation to this thread, has only been around for 3 months. Your as much as a tourist here you fag if you somehow are complaining about outside people meaning you haven't touched either global or any other threads in this board.

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