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Male? Based.
Female? Based.
No gender? Based.
Genderswap? Based.
Babiniku? Based.
Reverse babiniku? Based.
If it makes my dick hard? Based.

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Life-sensei please let me suck your fat titties

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>What the actual fuck is wrong with Japan?
What's wrong with Japan is that Itou Life-sensei is somehow way hotter than the one girl (female) in this collab

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No, to nobody's surprise, guys who want to look like girls so they can lure other guys by pretending to be girly tend to be boring prima donnas with the loosest sense of stable self-worth. Just take the babinikupill, faggot.

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Yes. I can imagine her(him) starting off awkward and inexperienced, but as expected of Itou-sensei, she(he) would become a cocksucking pro in the first blowjob. During, not after.

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I want to fuck this sexy oji-san

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Watching babiniku vtubers has given me a fetish for guys transformed into girls.

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Don't care, they know how to tingle my dick with their designs, so I'll continue to fap to them.

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