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pekora is based

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Obligatory pecor

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Her online flexibility. Its almost unmatched. Pewdiepie tier in the ability to work with what your given and roll with the punches.

Unlike Mori, she will let her nousagis drive a meme straight into the fucking ground because it keeps her chat active.
Unlike Kiara, she accepts memes that degrade her and playfully fights back with the chat, with the end results being anti-posts being indistinguishable from nousagis fucking around, everybody having fun in the end
Unlike Aqua Plays the games people like which buff her channel like Minecraft without a single complaint, always drafting up new things to do to keep the stream entertaining, even if it might actually be killing her inside.
Surprisingly family friendly enough compared to other Holos that she can easily be the face of Hololive even if there are clips of her here and there being a degenerate or with lewd thumbnails
Ability to cooperate with Moona, who barely speaks Japanese, causing major EN higjinx and captivating a foreign audience who would only watch clips if she hadn't taken this step (Moona helped a lot with this I admit)
Sticking to the Traditional Japanese Anime Rules of few, if any males, and no lesbian relationship. Says she will never marry so long as she is a chubba. Keeps gachikois happy while allowing the /u/schizos to draw pekomoon
Whether by accident or on purpose, is accidentally based calling a tranny disgusting in Yakuza for example. Keeps the /pol/-fags and Nippon Master race viewers happy while being innocent enough for leftists to write it off as silly peko being funny
Her mom is HAG MILF tier in attitude and mannerisms. Fan art encouraged and spread worldwide. The rare appearance will be used as a trump card when numbers start to slip
Consistency, her constant same greeting every single day, only changing it up as an entertainment gag because everybody started making fun of the new intro. Allows variety into the stream while also building up stream "Traditions" that become well recognized and easy to remember
Very subtle Introvert attitude. Not being a giga-stacey prevents collabs with yabai people or people who would fuck up a stream. You need a good relationship with pekora and know how she runs her streams in order to collab. This pre-built relationship and established rules allows a collab that bounces back and fourth easily without awkward pauses or inappropriateness
Cute design, just look at her.
Subtle lewdness, Despite the family friendly point I made earlier, she's Japanese. In japan, ecchi is the supreme king of money. Bunny outfit, prision outfit with a shirt just long enough to make you think she's not wearing panties. Without showing much skin, she sends the imagination of coomers into overdrive.

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Pekora is fucking based

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I think that image perfectly describes you, and I'm glad we both see you the same way.

Maybe one day you'll get a hobby instead of running from place to place you don't belong and ruining them with more migrants.

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Delete this.

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>to be more like reddit

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Pekora is more based then the entire virtual youtuber industry on her own

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>this is somehow not about pekora being based

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>bruh you were never a /true fan/ bruh
>my copy paste will make you chill bruh
>bruh bruh chill bruh let it go bruh

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that's a lot of words for TL;DR.

Let me show you how it's done.

>you're a freak pedophile
>you have none of your facts straight
>I'm dead right that you rip knowledge third, fourth or fifth hand
>you're the kind of fag that pretends he's composed when he's flipped his shit and it's funny as hell
and most importantly
>you will never fit in, your views are trash. Stay and be mocked every thread. It will not improve, and that's a good thing.

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>Its 4chan and its full of unironic fascists and racists
dude if you're such a fag, why are you even here?
Also yes, gay means bad.

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>Fucking Based

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>fanny smells
>japanese women
dude they can barely stand the smell of anything stronger than green tea. They bathe for fun as adults, and shower before bathing.

They had to design hyper-toilets that take starfox 64 (or "lylat wars" in your country) to bidets. It's actually a source of national pride to the Japanese to have such advanced toilets.

And rightly so, on all parts, imo. Ass has never been cleaner, Toto's a god company.

They don't need to wear underwear, and their women don't smell like piss and shit, unless it's their fetish after being so deprived of filth.


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Behold, the rrat to end all rrats
>be Miko
>in love with inkya girl in my High School
>befriend her as much as I can
>try to go out with her but she lives with her mom and is an autistic inkya with a bad attitude who never leaves the house
>recently started streaming
>I know, I'll share the idea of streaming with her
>friend starts streaming
>backfires a bit, friend gets obsessed with streaming
>do a few collabs together on our channels, but mostly still keeps to herself
>declines a bunch of IRL hangout invitations like going to comiket where I would've gotten to see her scantily clad cosplaying body
>half naked cosplays for her chat instead of you
>get into vtubing
>get scouted for a new vtubing organization
>help build it up to a semblance of popularity
>is an idol company, starts to gain traction and recruit more members
>1st gen, 2nd gen, and then even a GAMERS branch as the focus shifts off of idol stuff for a little
>make a lot of friends, but still horny for my HS friend
>she her still struggling on NND
>I know, I'll save her with this job, and then she'll be so grateful, she'll have sex with me
>offer her the job and set it all up so she gets into the 3rd generation
>my connection is so powerful that she is the first person in the company who actually gets to decide what her character looks like
>horny slut chooses an erotic as fuck skintight playboy bunny outfit where her vulva is visible
>it's all coming together
>she starts streaming and as expected is literal who tier for a while
>do everything I can to collab with her, insisting to management that the best way to sell this is to pander to yurifags
>basically write the scripts that have us hug and pretend to kiss and shit
>and then when they happen pretend to have no idea or pretend to not be into them
>gonna make this bunny gay
>months pass, and her channel keeps growing
>but our relationship still goes nowhere
>she's just spending more and more time streaming
>if anything, she's replying to my DM's less and less
>has a ton of other things to focus on now, and actively chooses them over me
>slowly, all of the PekoMiko collabs that happened initially slow down, until it's basically a drip feed of the content once every few months
>watch my friend start to lose her touch exterior and begin to become more and more dependent on her fans in a way I've never seen before
>talks about how excited she is to see them today even in our private conversations
>never heard her talk about "someone" this way
>it almost sounds like she's in love with her fanbase
>see her literally have an abandonment-fueled panic attack when she can't see the stream chat one time in a random AmogUs game
>this bitch is genuinely in love with her viewers, isn't she?
>realize I've cucked myself
>start to feel incredibly ill
>every day spent thinking about how I cucked myself through my own actions
>gets so bad physically that I have to go to a hospital for intensive therapy for my NTR-induced depression
>months spent without a single instance of contact from her end, but I work through my issues
>3 months later, I come back, having successfully convinced myself that she actually does love me after watching the clip of her saying she'll protect Hololive while I'm gone
>ready to break through to the bunny cunny
>relationship still as cold as it was, or even colder
>We collab once and she smacks me with a carrot, and then I convince corporate to force us to do a PekoMiko song together
>I worry that she hates me again
>It's not true
>I know she loves me, she's just being shy
>I'll get through to her
>I know, the romantic scene every girl loves, a sleepover
>invite her to my house for a sleepover and hype it up publicly so she can't say no
>literally the first time because she's never been over before
>throws me a bone, says yes
>it's time
>get everything ready
>sleepover goes as planned, we chat just like we did in High School
>I go in for the kill
>wake her up gently and confess with all of my feelings
>and then wait for her reaction
>it hurts
>disgust plain on her face
>she's looking at me with a sense of disgust and betrayal I've never seen before in my life
>calls me a flaming carpet munching dyke queer
>hurriedly packs her shit up and gets out as quick as she can
>don't see her or contact her for months
>go about our shit separately
>one or two Discord DMs about Twitch or something are exchanged in a non-committal way
>more months pass
>force myself on her totsu collab because I still obsess over her every stream
>join just as that fucking blue-haired wench does
>damnit, no collab, but it's fun playing around with her again
>feels so distant still
>casually talk to her after collab
>get her alone
>try to reconcile
>she pauses for a few seconds, and then continues
>voice has a coldness to it that chills me to the soul
>'never interact with me on-stream again, you dyke'
>leaves discord call
>now she is literally ignoring any interactions with me, even in forced voice chats

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>Pekora hates faggots.


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why are faggos so triggered by normal people?

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Trannies gonna tran on this board. Just tell them to dilate and move on.

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