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At a quick count, there are six or seven threads about her right now? Eternal, rent-free residence in /vt/'s collective head.

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Coco giving the CBT

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degenerate non-humans listening to non-music.
once she adds any quality musical element or says something that isn't "bitch, fuck, nigger" it suddenly isn't as good.
.....yeah, Mori is certainly the problem here.....

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That's what happens when schizo managers scare away the subreddit's main draw.

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At least you know she has good taste

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>indie shill likes the commie game

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>aged women
i'm going to shoot myself here, but,
>Had sex with old ladies before
>2 of them, at different times
>yeah, i can get desperate
>1: their hygene gets harder to maintain w age
>both of them smelled funny, especially once they got into it
>2: skin is totally different, almost like celophane clay
>3: you think you're degenerate?
>what if she wants to drag some old guy into a 3some with you? what if she complains about not having has sex in a month when for you it's been years? what if her large dog is REALLY friendly around her when she's home?
>4: is clingier and needier than younger girls...and seeing the above, that is NOT a good thing.

i really hope marine is 29
i am sure 40 year old Japanese women are better than 40 year old Burger women, but still.
old women are generally considered undesirable for a reason. a good reason.

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she might annoy them in other ways I feel
might need to disable her fingers

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Last for reminder that Omega is an imbecile, a fraud, a proof that transgenders are a cancer upon society. and he will be nothing without pic related.

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Damn, in my shitposting I may've underestimated her

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Why is that when I watch this girl, I have the need to converge on my own thoughts about female virtues in a convalescent situation, but the thing is this would only apply to said vtubers that are truly struggling with real life problems that could affect not just their job, not just their daily routine, but their own lives and have an implicit bias towards others around them including their loved ones that may or may not now what said vtuber is truly doing, only to find out when it's too late and the series of unfortunate incidents take place which in other factors brings up the possibility of psychosis and ptsd through electromagnetic fields from brain to brain, which you could also call a kind of telepathy, the direct conveyance of feelings from one person to another which is startling, but the nodus of certain mindsets, especially with how each vtuber project themselves and how certain attributes or trademarks of their character could influence and even limit their cogitations due to their time they've put down doing this and how much effort was made, it is a subversive baseline that all branches, all companies, all indies will come to realize one day as a revelation sets in on this phenomenon, just like how people treat the stock market and how any parabolic shift always comes crashing down due to the greater fool theory, it will suppress, nullify, and annihilate every presentiment and/or concept of what we have come to start to gather on what is and what means of this whole conceptual and anomalistic conception, a real life fantasy on the brink of destruction.

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Sorry, only have Pekogeys. Someone might post their collection though.

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imagine seething this hard over imaginary roleplay borders on an autism game because you aren't able to talk to people

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don't tell him

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Taiwan is
and always shall be
a Country.

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lol, what a fag

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You know what you must do, /hfz/,

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That's a perfectly acceptable outcome

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>Kanata hating veggies and offloading them to Coco

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I'm here to remind you she won.

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