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>big cock

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I think these new holos are trouble. Many members are quite concerned deep down about losing viewers. I think Hololive should act like .LIVE back then and have each chuubas reserve a timeslot during different ours(so they don't overlap) that way everyone can stay happy. They can rotate the hours obviously so everyone could get a chance for prime time

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>Hololive X
>The name of a very proper and discreet cable channel for adults

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>The top 3 are Marine, Suisei, and Coco
>Haachama SSP is only 15k yen.
>Ayame ties to 4th place with Fubuki
>Pegor only 5th

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>all this time and her Luxray just 2HKOs Lucario with Thunderbolt

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Think of Pokemon AI as tiers/levels.

>0: Wild Pokemon
>1: Trainers
>2: Aces
>3: Leaders
>4: Elite Four/Champion

Wild Pokemon will always use random moves. Trainers will use random moves if they don't have anything super-effective. Aces and Leaders are essentially the same except Leaders have items (I think some games give Aces items). E4 and up will have items attached to their mons, and larger item bag, and will actively use set up moves for a sweep.

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So if Halo permissions are in limbo because someone is DMCA botting Marty's music then why can't they

>play the game(s) muted
>play the games that don't have his music

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>catfish nuggets

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Which hololive members take birth control?

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>bait snipers just to get them banned
Literally evil

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Why is /vt/ timeloop only 12 hours? Same shit and same baits twice a day, day after day. Week after week. Why are SEAniggers and Amerimutts like this? So unoriginal?

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What's the difference between instant coffee and pre-ground coffee?

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>taking an entire month off because of a dead dog
Why is she like this?

Like I can understand a week, but a month? Come the fuck on.

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Okay, /vt/. Tell me what "history" was made during last year's sport festival.
What do you actually remember about it that mattered more than a month later?
And how did Sora ruin it by not playing with them?

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That reminds me, how was IRyS' ASMR stream? Between Okayu's and Rene's I keep forgetting to check hers out.

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Between Sana and Kronii, there's almost an entire Bae worth of subs.

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Anon, only one of these women is capable of using their voice to soothe and seduce their viewers. If Subaru's a girly girl, why can't she do ASMR?

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>There's a city called Champagne
Why would you name a city after a drink?

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