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The onigiryaa of /hlgg/ are still goddamn horny!!!!

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Balls deep. It's what she deserves for saying she's alone at night doing god knows what to herself during Anya's Celebration stream yesterday.

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I wanna say this will be the catalyst for Risu to FINALLY collab with an EN, but probably not.

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The Onigiryaa are horny again goddamnit!!!!

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If it's a Risu idea you need then I've got the perfect one for you to try. Risu's pretty smug a lot of the times but also horny. She's asked for toys to be used so why don't we give her exactly that. But you gotta tie her down first, we can't have her squirming around when she gets rapid fired pounded by a dildo machine. You can make it be something like

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It's dead hours and the onigiryaa are getting horny!!!!

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It'll cost me over $200 to buy and also I have no where to put it and I'm fairly sure showing off my power level to my family would lead to an uncomfortable amount of questions.

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Here's something to take seriously. Ayamefriend is actually Risu and thus is also a horny onigiryaa poster.

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The onigiryaa are horny again!!!

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supposed to be horny Risu, and trust me she was -very- horny

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jesus risu

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