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elaborate, please.

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I'm gonna confess something I never told anyone. Up until I was 21 years old I never washed my asshole. Maybe I was a diddled as a kid because I found the idea of washing in there very gay and violating so I'd dab like once with a soap bar and that's it. I'd notice sometimes I'd smell like ass and I would get swamp ass ALL THE TIME but what's worst...I had gotten my first gf. We used to fuck all the time and I guess she never had the heart to tell me especially I took a dump and then we fucked. I never noticed my smell but I know now that poor woman didn't deserve that.

Anyways eventually I got an infection because of that and had the doctor explain it to me. I now wash my ass thoroughly when I shower.

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I'm wasting all my free time and money watching anime avatars play video games.

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