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Hello There. I'm retarded and forgot to sort the sheet properly when doing the data for the M.O.V.E. Report.

Here's the Revised M.O.V.E. Report for today:
>Only La+ and Lui are counted. The rest of Gen 6 + Civia are not counted.
>2 coins (Iofi & Aqua) adjusted green, and are currently trending upwards.
>12 coins adjusted red, but are currently above their pre-adjustment value.
>3 coins (Pochimaru, Melfissa, Coco) adjusted green, but are currently below their pre-adjustment price.
>The last 40 coins are on expected trends that have yet to intersect with their pre-adjustment value.

Top 5 Most Volatile Coins (per Cycle Average):
>Calliope :: $71.35 Up
>Lui :: $63.58 Down
>Laplus :: $59.37 Down
>Marine :: $54.23 Up
>Rushia :: $33.88 Up

Top 5 Least Volatile Coins (per Cycle Average):
>Iofi :: $0.34 Up
>Ui :: $0.36 Up
>Ayamy :: $0.51 Down
>Nachoneko :: $0.62 Up
>Pochimaru :: $0.73 Down

This makes significantly more sense. Apologies for the fuck up.

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which ones the menhera that breaks down within a week that's all I want to know

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This Shion's smug aura is powerful. It mocks my existence. Also Fumi and Itsuko are my beloved.

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how much drool will be slurped that day

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I J*U, how were the streams today? Any must see VODs besides Anpotan vs Bakatare in Mario Kart?

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I don't think.

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>Enlighten me, then
Yeah sure bro lemme just go from a 70~80 placement jobber to the top 20 in a single divvies handout because I'm the leading holder of almost every single new metacoin. That's not retarded at all.

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I don't know about that, but I enjoyed it for what it was. Girls being cute playing a video games.

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>just buy whatever coin is the prettiest?
Isn't everyone doing this already?!

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>Voted for Unite and Splatoon 2
The person who posted this is either a girl or underage. Quite possibly both at the same time.

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Why are you guys saying chumbuds are getting cucked by Shion. This is only going to empower them further. Now they're going to have sex with Shion while Shion is having sex with Gura, and then when Shion is all tuckered out they have a Gura who's basking in the afterglow of being button mashed by a witch that she won't have any time to react.

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West coast best coast represent. It seems however that like 90% of us went to sleep after such a fucking great evening of caligula, ame karaoke and a sudden en2 MC collab.

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So that was the Matrix huh. Man people in the 1999s were cheesy to all hell but goddamn if that wasn't a fun watch. All that super speed, afterimage stuff really tickled my shounen bones and the action scenes were incredible. Overall it was a pretty neat movie.

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Yes but it was lost to the Holocaust. So she's just going to play it again.

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I still don't understand how time moves faster because you're close to a black hole and I've seen this move 4 times before

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I bring you this /hlgg/.

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So many great streams on right now...you guys ARE enjoying at least one of them right?

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>Reverse search on Pixiv
>It's a commissioned image set and one of the images contain intramammary ejaculation

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Huh, this game actually isn't as bad as Dead Space 1. Even the Necromorphs don't hit correctly. I don't even know what's up, maybe it's because of setting or the music but it just doesn't hit right. Weapon choice is probably a big factor too. This Assault Rifle like weapon just isn't the same as that single BZZZAP that Plasma Cutter had.

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Pen spinning is so goddamn cool.

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We need more. I want Majigumi playing Pokemon Unite.

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>fucking aqua so hard until her brain straight up dies

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We're deep diving into the ocean!

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