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When did everyone on this site go from wearing fedoras to LARPing as Christians?
I'm not sure which is more cringe but convert to Islam we have free lolis.

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I think this is the last time I bother playing daily adjustments or whatever. I'm sick of being unable to sell any of my coins and it just gets worse and worse every day, now bleeding into the 2nd cycle where it's STILL unresponsive. The devs don't know what the fuck they're doing so I'm just gonna stockpile Gura and ride the dividends and inflation instead of wasting my time staying up for this trash.

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Who knows.
I've known 2 indies join a company randomly despite being more successful on their own. So far one has went back to her old life.
Maybe she just really wants to bang Hano.

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I actually can't stand how everyone advertises on Reddit. The entire vtuber board is advertisements with 0 replies or engagement. I have no idea if it translates to viewers or subs or anything since no one ever comments or even upvotes.

The few times I've seen indies advertise here the reception is pretty kind and people actually watch.

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One of the EN girls will admit to watching dubbed anime.
NijiEN will never recover from this.

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