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Oh my dear god Anon, please stop.

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Come now, there's no need for violence. IRyS and Reine are on.

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I meant Oblivion. It's late, I don't have a brain anymore.

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Am I allowed to sleep yet?

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Why is Choco playing Minecraft like it's ARK?

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Unlike those KFPissers, deadbeats are actually pretty fucking cool about shilling their oshi. Every instance of me hearing a Kiara song was against my will and thus added to my disdain. good for you deadbeats maybe I will listen to pink woman's music.

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Why do (you) allow the broker to keep stealing your money?

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I forgot to turn my goddamn volume down and got hit with that full powered scythe transition.

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I think the drugs Gura took to control her headache are starting to kick in.

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Guys...the images...

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Why do many members of /hlgg/ fly into a rage at the most miniscule of things?

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Is Pekora going to have another 12 hour Jump King session....?

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I just want to be happy.

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I think my oshi didn't get invited to any Gartic Phone Collabs which is why she is collabing on her roommate account.

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My posts aren't that bad...

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You fuckers keep spamming I'm the last ____ expecting someone to reply to you. Why don't you actually look at someone who is the last of her fanbase! I am the last goddamn kapumin. Typing this made me sad

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I like the long haired one. Its a shame she gets so little fanart of it.

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Goddamn Botan, you're causing your Bodans to explode from excitement.

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My intelligence is being put on blast by a goddamn plant lady playing a Pokemon MOBA.

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>TWO people with Pirate Cinderace
Spending that much money on a Pokemon MOBA....

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It's way too early in the day for you guys to be moving this fast.

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I'm starting to get hungry now.

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