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Kronii pulled down her panties before sitting her ass on the warm toilet lid. Like this, she was completely naked, completely vulnerable, and she couldn't help thinking about how comfortable she feels naked, and how much better it would be for her to just be naked all the time, without having to worry about what clothes to use, or being ashamed in public...

But really, if you think about it, why is that? Why do we feel shame, really? In the olden times, when humans first evolved, clothes didn't really exist. Humans walked around without a care in the world, their privates easily flopping around in the wind as they ran after their newest catch in the African savannah. No shame, no laws, no nothing...

Yet, if Kronii were to do the same, go out in the street, and expose herself, naked as the day she was born, she would get gasps, she would get looks, the police would be called on her, she would face both legal and social consequences. Not only that, but she herself would feel embarrassed; she wouldn't do that on purpose in a million years, because the thought scares her, and if she were to suffer a mishap at the pool or something like that, she'd instinctively cover her own breasts with her arm, and her crotch with her hand, not letting anyone get a peek at sensitive areas.

When did that happen? When did it become shameful to be naked, to show off everything you have, to be truly comfortable? Sure, clothes have tons of uses, they keep you safe from the elements and have extra storage space, but that doesn't explain why the aspect of embarrassment exists. Who decided it? Who was the first person to see another naked human being, and say 'that's weird, that's gross'. What led to that judgement becoming commonplace across all of society, to the point where people will instinctively go out of their way to avoid that faux-pas? These thoughts were Kronii's only companion as she pushed out a particularly stubborn one...


But that distinctive splashing sound added on to it. Not only is it shameful to be naked in public, it is also shameful to do all sorts of things in public. Do your basic necessities, masturbate, even outright have sex... but just like being naked, humans were doing that for thousands of years before greater society emerged and with it, its rules. Is there anything truly wrong with it? A healthy body deserves to be shown off, no? Would it scar or disturb anyone to see her naked, when she has no major flaws to speak of? If she took a shit or peed over some grass far away from civilization, where it wouldn't affect them through illness, would it be so weird to be caught? Yet, if she was, she would never forget it, an embarrassing moment that would be burned into her head forever... Everyone sees their own naked form from a young age, and think nothing of it, but the moment the idea of seeing someone else you don't know naked pops into your head, the first natural instinct is to reject it. Always rejection. Humanity rejects its roots, making the natural unnatural, and shaming anyone who takes pride on their bare form and their primitive necessities.


However, no matter how much she questioned this, even while cleaning herself with toilet paper (oh cool, the paper came back out squeaky clean!), she knew that it was simply... the way things were. She'd get embarrassed being naked in public. She'd never entertain the thought of squatting in a bush near a street and going at it. God forbid she do anything even remotely sexual, regardless of how natural it might've been. The rules of society confused her, but she had to respect them anyway, if to keep her own peace of mind than anything else.

Kronii stared down the open lid, putting her clothes back on, her reflection in the water, a solid log floating on an otherwise clean basin... all she had to do was press a button, and it, alongside her unclean and confusing thoughts, would go spiralling away, away, to the darkness, carried away by the water...


"Geez, I have some weird thoughts sometimes."

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of course I am!

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