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Farmer Spence legit found the back alley

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I love Nina so much bros... how is she so powerful

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Post your twitch link and I will guide you young chuuba

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Now go to the channel I gifted you a sub to and type "snack" and one of their emotes in the chat

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The best time of the day is here

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This is gonna be the best day

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Yeah, it's great, I'm enjoying it a lot.

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Shimada here, (was also >>4426855) I felt like it's worth addressing so people don't concern too hard! I am just walking on a treadmill the distance I would normally run with long breaks in between and doing some light yoga! I have been through much much worse and will probably be able to do most of my normal routine by the end of the month!
Just like >>4432974 said, and I said during my stream, my injuries are honestly not that bad, I just had a lot of shock the day of
Also I won't be playing Guilty Gear, I'll be commentating over others playing to improve my chatting skills! I was just waiting to the day of to clarify since I didn't feel like it was necessary
Hope everytora in Ameriburger is having a good holiday today!

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I like this thread and I like the chicken poster!! I wish I could come here more but I stop by once in a while to find people to watch!

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I love this rrat creature

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I will hang out here too today

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It's finally time

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I want her to check out the new Guilty Gear, she said she thought it looked pretty interesting and it's much simpler than the older ones! It would be
fun to watch Nina and Koopa figure out how to play

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Not me but I already did

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It's time

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I've been waiting all weekend for this

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I'm visiting today for the Nina celebration thread, I love her so much

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I will be shilling it

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I will take a look at the follows you posted as well

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I'm the anon that started watching Nina because of you guys, I showed my friends her karaoke and now they're watching the celebration stream with me. Thank you for introducing such a good chuuba to the people.

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I watched Nina a few times and found her inspiring, I'll try to catch her more often now, you guys sold me on her

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