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Today I will remind you.

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>but I think she's just empowering them "proving them right about her"
Because she is. Her avatar was loli. I don't want anyone to give me that, "she's just pettanko", or, "She's 170 cms!", cope. That's all it fucking was, pure fucking cope that she was using a loli model, making sexual jokes and innuendos on stream. encouraging lewd fanart and the lewd atmosphere of her loli model. Her proportions, despite whatever fucking fictional age and height you gave her or she gave herself, showed that her model was pure cunny. I only hope now that she's changed her model we can accept the hypocrite narrative and get over it all simultaneously. Also, these shit threads can go ahead and disappear off the face of shit site.

>Would /vt/ stop hating her if she collabed with Pikamee? I think most people would call her based
No, the only way for her to stop getting hate on /vt/ would be to directly show that she's completely fine with lolis by saying that it's fine to lewd lolis. That's the only way she could gain favor with this place. Only twitterfags believe and subscribe to the logic of association.

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Based Dadfag.

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