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>still rememebring when she cried on the ark stream
i will alwasy rememebr her

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I love her airheded idiot energy.

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This bitch meme’d Hololive English into existence, say something nice about her!

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>Coco call in but pretend to be a soundboard

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Coco Kaichou thread.
Kiryu-Kai is forever!

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Risus was good.
Towa's had a shitload of power,
Kanata's was a different flavor but still had a lot of power.
Watame's was fun with how she belted it out.
Polka's had a cute little laugh and a slight yan insert at the end
Suisei's was easily one of the best from Hololive with how she down pitched it to sound good with her deeper normal voice, also so she could add a fun little flourish at the end.
Renie's gets a honorable mention since she made it into a whole goddamn music video.

On the niji side of things that Bandaros or whatever>>7144080 mentioned

That goddamn vid had some of the highest production value ive seen so far.

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I hope that kson, or maybe daikou, starts getting gebokawa art like this eventually.

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If we're going by the op's choices:
Festival's version sounded the best due to her voice, even though it lacked the power of towas, flares or Kanata's, it had a better melody to it.

Other than that, have you heard Polka's version? Its pretty fucking good.

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>harder than a kiara schizo on a ban evasion spree

That line is pure gold anon.

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I can only imagine an art with Coco in dragon form wearing miniscule armor sets taking on slightly smaller dragons who are either horrified or aroused at what is to come

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robot bebi

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I love this bitch and her power fist.

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