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>hardcore novelty buff
>wore off instantly in the next stream
>Kuzuha getting 29k on a regular non-buffed stream
You are scared Pecuck. Kuzuha might actually dethrone the rabbit for good. Your days are numbered.

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Numbers speak louder than words

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Can anyone explain what this guy's appeal is? I tried watching him, but I don't get it. His streams are variety shit, he jumps from one game to another with no regard for a stream plan like he's ADHD and his audience just eats up whatever he does. His thumbnails are the same shit again and again, he doesn't bother to differentiate them or make them interesting so that he can get the attention of newcomers. He doesn't even have a hot anime boy voice like Shellin, or a deep bara voice like Belmond. He just sounds brash and whiny, he sounds like a minor villain in a shounen manga who gets beat up and humiliated by the main character in the first chapter.

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