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Based managerchads. Don't give Nijiniggers an inch. Squash them at every opportunity. The only true goal of every business is an unquestionable monopoly.

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Size queens are based. They know what they want and won't be convinced by internet statisticians towards the otherwise.
>B-B-But the average is 5.5'! Muh bell curve!
Cope. If a girl demands a monster schlong to stretch her guts, who are you to deny her? Let her live her best life.

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post YFW a member of council brings Pekora back to the en server, cucking kiara.

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All of my friends who live in the DFW area are coworkers or family, basically. My coworkers are all creatives, but they're much more into typical mainstream stuff and turned off by anime and comics, largely.

The one good thing for me is that FanExpo is at least not an ANIME convention, but instead a general nerd pop culture one. Means I can escape some of the worst cringe and not feel entirely out of place even if I do decide to go solo for a bit.

Other anons in the last thread are right, though. There's no way I should miss the chance to be there live when it's so relatively close to me, doubly so when I can see both Ame and Gura live together. Real question is what the hell I ask them, if I get the chance to.

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>Goodluck ni-

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Thumbnail looks like diaper Gura.

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Anon, It's already over. Truth is, the game was rigged from the start.

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Do you Nijiniggers know your place yet? Holochads always win.

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When you're on top, it's your duty to kick the ladder. No point in helping your competition in any way. Monopoly is the goal of all companies.

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Did you actually feel threatened enough by an indie you don't watch that you decided to riff on a model she uses for video games and not her actual streams as "revenge"? Lol grow a spine man

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Imagine not having a girl popular enough to be stickied when she graduates in your company. Couldn't be me!

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Most of them don't even stream 5 days a week, and most streams are 1-2 hours long. Only a few of them like Korone, Watame, etc do 8+ hour streams regularly.
They don't need vacations because their work is easy enough that they are basically always on vacation anyway.

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Which seasonal anime is good?

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Why doesn't she just lose weight?

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They know how cringe it is for white girls to actually try speaking Japanese, and so they don't even bother to actually try. That alone makes them far better than the Failed Idol and the Nigger of Nippon.
Ina gets an Asian girl pass so she can get away with it without being embarrassing.

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>MFW I don't pick a side in this debate and just laugh at whoever turns out to be wrong

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>Kiara's doesn't work properly
Glad to see someone in management hates the chicken as much as we do

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Based. Hopefully she bans any games that aren't Apex or Minecraft, at least until she makes them all play Undertale at the same time.

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I remember Botan laughing during the Gen5 goodbye stream to her, and felt the same way she probably did.
Imagine getting the opportunity to earn a living, and usually a pretty good one, just for streaming games a few times a week and releasing some songs throughout the year. And then going and fucking it all up your first week because you're a doxxing idiot.

I'd be laughing like Botan too, if I'm in my 30s, found a gig this sweet and then watched my dumb zoomer coworker faceplant so hard that she quits after a single week.

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Boy if this is real what a fucking blunder.
No wonder none of them visit this shithole (except for Risu)

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>Mori does a JAV cosplaying herself
>Kiara buys out all the copies

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