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It's time to apologize.

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Kronii played us
damn you woman

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Hi Kronii!

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introduce your parents to your wife, it's only proper

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You didn't deny the menhera part, which means you must agree!

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you have a timelord right here

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What they want doesn't really matter, Kronii joined hololive knowing what would be required of her eventually. If she renews her contract come september, we'll know for sure if she wants to do the idol stuff or not. Everything else is speculation or projection.

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be happy

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I think you're the braindead autist here anon, not them
I think you need friends

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she only lose to me~

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thanks kronies

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you need meds kronie

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I believe in Ouro Kronii

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Her name is Ouro Kronii. Remember her

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The first picture of Kronii i saved was this one >>22079582 but this is the second one

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you already work hard the whole week, give your self a day off. come on, don't you want to have a night walk with me

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I see Jesse's getting some last minute shitposting in before his bedtime. He has school tomorrow, after all.

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>te he

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Hold on, bro, we'll get more mageronii this week. I believe!

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>you write your 7th fic in one day
>you start slipping up with your grammar mistakes
>a mug of tea is placed in front of you.
>kronii stands just over you with her glasses.
>"you've been working hard on your writing reps huh?"
>you nod
>"mind if I read?"
>you're reluctant but you allow her to read them
>she nods reading through the fics of you fucking her other friends and cuck queening her
>she doesn't think much of it because they're just fics
>"These aren't bad hun! You're really improving! Sure you used the wrong words here and there but the overall idea is entertaining."
>you thank her and she casually places a kiss on your cheek
>"now come to bed, maybe I can give you a new idea for one of your fics~" Kronii coos, a hint of lust in her tone as she pulls her collar exposing a small window of her breasts to you and shooting you a wink

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>makes you blind so you won't stare at her tits

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