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>The dude frrom Metal Slug
I'm going to hit Kronii in the breasts.

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I'm pretty damn sure he's either post game or caught in the underground as a super rare fucker.

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Why are we talking about poop. This isn't a Kiara or Shion stream is it?

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Great, Bae's "drunk" again.

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I looked away for a hot minute, why did you guys allow Ame to play Fortnite.

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Remakes aren't time limited probably because it wasn't made by GameFreak.

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Gura just admitted she's a literal baby who doesn't have a fully hardened skull yet.

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I fucking hate nene that bitch tries way too hard to be cute

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Kiara's off key.

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This is some intense dork energy IRyS.

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>Controversial vtuber turns out to be a fraud and abandons the one thing that made her popular in the first place
Did you guys seriously not expect this to happen?

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She danced around with Sana and said Gura-chan was super amazing during the Red Light Green Light round (before the Re-Do). That's about it so far.

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That entire short rant about how fucking dumb the protagonist is and that JRPGs make far more sense was incredible. I mean when you think about it, she's not wrong. You're actually dumber than a JRPG plot if you decide to enter an asylum by yourself.

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If she didn't just choke and spill all of her spaghetti I would have thought that was the run.

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>some podcast guy gets kidnapped in canada and gets turned into a walrus by a psycho old man

who the fuck comes up with these plots

weird as fuck

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Resident Evil has this thing where if you keep dying, the game gets easier and doesn't tell you. Enemies will do less damage or there might be one less enemy entirely, also they'll take more damage and die easier. Gura died multiple times in the same area so the game went down multiple notches in difficulty but there's no message to indicate this.

It usually isn't present on the professional/hardcore game modes. But it is present on easy/normal modes. It's always a hidden mechanic that makes sure even the biggest fucking moron can beat the game no matter how shit they are at combat. You can usually avoid it by reloading a save instead of retrying from the checkpoint.

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I cannot for the life of me tell you anything that Mumei has said of significance in this BotW stream and I've been here since she started streaming one and a half hours ago.

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Korone's superchat readings are so bullshit one second she's saying it was fun and that she's ending, starts reading a couple of superchats and goes into talking about the fucking downfall of yugoslavia or some shit

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How come Final Fantasy X goes out of its way to make Al Bhed actual dickheads (along with Guados) but then reprimands Wakka when he says FUCK the Al-Bhed?

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Watching Ame and Gura at the same time is making me trip out.

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Oh yeah, Kris did throw his heart in a cage and pulled out a knife at the end of Chapter 1. What as that all about?

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I love how Hololive has two holos who are on completely separate spectrums of sleep: one of them sleeps for like 2 days, the other for 2 hours

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Something like this. Also yes new outfit, with exposed forhead.

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