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Yea yea and Mori won't last until January 2021 and kiara will be gone by April

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Why do you niggers post your reddit-spaced fanfics here all the time?

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shut up rrat

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Unless her boyfriend/she only fucks, gropes, rapes, fingers, and violates her ONLY during her horror streams and RFAs, and conveniently not during the all the other streams, then no, it's not a real rrat. And there's no other reason to believe so.
Especially when you consider that she not only 1, obviously plays up her emotions for content on everything, especially on RFA and on horror, but she also wanted/wants to be a VA, and at one point a H VA.
I'm tired of this retarded rrat and niggers pretending this is the only isolated instance of her moaning on stream

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Yea fuck on nigga

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Fuck on rrat ass nigga

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Do your rrat reps

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Nigga fuck outta here

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>>Astel and Matsuri ask Ollie to play MHR
>>Ollie says it costs a lot
>>both of them separately offer to buy her a copy of the game so they can play it
>>Ollie admits she's making excuses
>>she just wants to play Apex and Minecraft
Is this a rrat or?

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Go make breakfast Risu.

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Please stop trying to birth a rrat from fucking nothing, especially after Kiara said she wanted to work with Ollie like 3 times in Minecraft

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This is a dead rrat and only fags who didn't watch the stream fall for it.

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You got some balls coming around here spoutin' that bullshit nigga.

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>>Takamori decline
Anyone pushing this rrat after the two fucking Kino karaoke's are unironically braindead anon. Don't reply to them

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>she already dropped Kiara
1/10 Do rrat reps

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Sure nigga.

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Rrats killed again

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Stfu nigga

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>it's basically a horse with a horn you idiots
Nice rrat retard

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