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Time to test her taste buds with some "special" delicacies

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Kiara is going to do just fine in Ame's skyblock stream?
Chloefriend... It seems you're so smitten with Chloe you're not even making sense, anymore.

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>image search it on yandex
>find the pixiv post

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Give a guess as to how many prizes Chammers will win this stream! If you are right, you get nothing, but you do get the honor of feeling like you accomplished something.

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Who the FUCK would've thunk.

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Pretty sure they just need to push the analog in the opposite direction to switch characters. What's going on?

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Isn't it taking a bit too long for EN2 to enable their memberships?

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She basically sums it up herself she lived 3 years abroad sure but she spent all her free time locked in her room vtubing in Japanese so did not get the full immersion experience. You can't learn a language well just by studying it you have to spend thousands of hours listening to people speak and practicing your own speech.

Also lol at the strongest idol literally being bullied by two grade school strayan lolis.

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That's pretty much exactly the example I needed. I'll take a page out of your book and put it to use on the next bit that I write.

i wish joe rogan collabed with coco.

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Ok, but why?

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>was watching Gura
>now the Gartic phone vod is being butchered
Any chance anyone archived the original?

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>Coco's opening

Meet your new BITCH

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is she going to use her feet for player 2? I hope so

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I don't usually watch Ame, but her chat seems to have an obsession with trolling her, huh?

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>it's real

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very very new I see.

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How about a 1 Million Chicken cooking stream?

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>sounds like she's actually trying to eat your ear no matter what the asmr is supposed to be
I love her but how does anyone actually enjoy this

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Does your hornypost baiting know no bounds?
Just how horny can a person be that they think about sex first thing in the morning?

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