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I missed the stream so I had to watch the VOD. That kiss hit me like a fucking train.

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I fucking love these girls!

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I love Purin so much, bros. I just want to see her happy and succeed in whatever she wants to do. I'm rewatching her Twitch stream from the other day, and hearing her talk about how she feels like she's being self-destructive and ruining her social life and chances at real friendships IRL, how she's scared of leaving her room, and how she's scared of losing her viewers if she takes a break for her own sake hurts so much. The worst part is that I can't possibly do anything to help her and just have to watch and listen to her be sad. She was OK by the end of the stream and of course she seemed to have a fun time with the collab later that day, but it still hurts my very soul.

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Always bro

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