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She is literally cute retarded daughter simulator, so all of the girls are going to like her.

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How fucking new? Kiara has done that to a lot of the paid concerts already, like I believe she's done it for Holofes 2, Bloom and Gen 1 concert.

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A few tequila shots from being ogey

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>Streaming monster
i actually almost never saw her properly streaming or playing games, almost always i entered her stream she is reading super chats, and talking for hours and hours, that's kind of intimidating (and boring) like she has a high wall to overcome to enter, like watching hundreds of boring episodes of one piece to start enojying it, i respect the watamates but she filters me hard

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>Matsuri helped too, mostly behind the scenes, because fans weren't that happy with some of their collabs.
You know it kinda makes me wonder, if perhaps the impression of Hoshikawa leading Matsuri around by the nose from all the clips put a negative light on her for the EOPs which resulted in less of them giving her a chance.

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No shit? Ive been busy with other stuff and haven't posted anything yet in this thread til now. I feel you guys are more obsessed with global than the other way around.

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Anyone else had the opposite reaction to Kronii telling us to watch the other members during her week break? Made me feel like not watching them during the break, even though I have been watching some of them on the side.

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>it works

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>he's not willing to provide their sperm donation for Kronii and Mumei's kid

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Mumei was laughing way too hard at that

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It is becuase sheep posted it herself on twitter. She then ended up instead of streaming went to FBK's house and just happened to be there when she was streaming and played games with her for three days. Also a good manager doesn't let the people they are managing kill themselves by over working themselves.

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>I thought I could find it if I typed in Matsuri hololive dick on YouTube
How much do you talk about dicks women?

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You think?

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She's just going to lock it later, Jesus Christ the women is straight up crazy.

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Luna a fucking vampire or something

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Matsuri is very fine on streams as long as she isn't drinking. In real life she will molest you though.

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Click bait?
Last group I was in was talking about the Amgus EN Collab to day. With so Tako saying how much he loves his priestess. I see people talking about them all of the time and not in a bad way since the people that play overlap with people you watch Vtubers.

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Mumei kill people

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>Mori will die and the ghost proxxy mod will be going and she calls someone a nigger

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>having to jump through hoops submitting a dozen applications to their management in order to stream APEX
The Baelz and Mumei collab had them suddenly switch to play some Apex when the game they were originally going to play wasn't working.

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List me all of the menheras in hololive and you will start to notice. Go one do it.

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Threads wouldn't have had to die in the middle of a Kronii stream with no new thread ready if more Kromies had the self control to only post about things relevant to Kronii instead of discussing all kinds of shit.

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>Reminder that Lamy has touched other girls and had her own boobs fondled
>Has bathed together with Nene
>Lamy smacks Marine's ass every time they meet up now
>Sends other girls panties
>Knows other girls 3 sizes without even needing to ask
>Drinks all of the time
This is the dangerous women near your oshi Tako's and it's already too late for her.

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