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>Cheap Labour
Might be one of the cheapest region in SEA, why'd you think most of the newer EN MV's are produced by Indogs
which also means it's easier to start up your tubing career in Indo (Art comissions, rigging, stream assets, whatever)

over 270 million people natively speak Indonesian, and Malaysian is similar to Indonesian so you can add another 30+ million to that number.
Anime and Tokusatsu is also popular in Indonesia because it's all over national TV since many years ago.
More population = Larger market = Larger audience size = big numbers

>Free content
Watching vtubers is a (relatively) free hobby. Indonesians and most seafags are poor. People watch youtube vids on their phones in their spare time.
It also helps that local telco providers sells cheap data packages to stream youtube in Indonesia.

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