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>No one is doing that, though
Yeah, they already did it for... Huh... Every single thread during the stream.
> and do your archive reps
Nah, do YOURS, history revisionist faggot.

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Check the box in front of your office

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>numberfagging is bad!
>but please watch my oshi... :(

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>spending your free time commentating on two randoms ERPing in a jerk off thread
what is even happening anymore

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>homoposters are frie-

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>mumei is welcome in global
Yeah, it's pretty entertaining to make fun of cuckowls.

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Couldn't be me haha

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Hold up nousagi, I quite literally only care about numbers. I don't even watch streams so I don't give a fuck about what you think about the girls.

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we lurk in the shadows, waiting for some bitch that threatens our queen's numbers

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I still cant get out of my head of how goody her mascot is

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>carrots in pekors braids replaced with baseball bats

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What's the most direct interaction you've had with your oshi or a holomem in general?

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this isn't /alcoholics anonymous/, its /nasfaqg/

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Prove it.

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It's not hard to do JET really if you have any kind of four-year college degree from the US. These people (paid long term tourists basically) by nature don't have anything long term or ambitious planned for career stuff so see JET as something cool to do. In Mori's case I guess she thought it would work to springboard her amateur rap efforts.

Personally I've known several of these people and a lot of them are just normalfags with no direction in life and even after fucking living in Japan for a few years their taste in anime, understanding of otaku culture etc IS STILL fucking dogshit horrible only now they use the excuse of "well I lived in Japan for a few years so I know what I'm talking about" when no, they were physically there, but not mentally there at fucking all because they usually don't actually pick up Japanese that well despite being surrounded by it and most-commonly will just hovel themselves up in a little room and their only friends will be other expats/long term tourists by them. I wouldn't necessarily call them fake or posers because they did make the life-changing effort to go to Japan, but they seem to assume they get some kind of seniority in subject matter over others by osmosis when no that's not how it works.

Daily life there is not gonna be hanging with other otaku all day and so doesn't really teach you much about their 2D/otaku/idol culture - it teaches you what the Japanese McDonalds dollar menu (rather 100yen) is like, what convenience stores have the food you like and are open when, how to use their transport system etc. Neat things to know I guess but it's not gonna give you some epiphany about something as derived as the background and growth of vtubers, not a lot you could not have learned online basically because this entire deal is online in the first place and just physically being in Japan isn't gonna help you learn and analyze what 5ch and futaba etc are saying any more than you can right now. Over the last year with the pandemic with no comiket and similar ilk your couple chances to really geek out over these things are also denied so 2020 in specific (and much of 21 now) just are non-starters for claiming any real advantage over people in the vtuber sphere - something mori wasn't even into before joining. So what a surprise she still isn't really into it. The real question is why the fuck Cover hired her to begin with, it sounded like a kneejerk decision on their part too as Mori herself was very surprised they went for her within just a few minutes talking.

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The absolute audacity of this fucking cunt...

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