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I see no problem here

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as someone with a girlfriend and a job, what’s the appeal of hololive ID?

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>already a master of Japanese
but at least the rest is admirable, they'll probably be glad you did and the new generation next year too

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>speak english most of the time
So what was even the point? Not that any of them are bad vtubers but why put on this facade that they are indonesian streamers when i can rarely tune into a stream and hear them speaking indog?

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Pick 2 to Fuck
Pick 2 to Marry
Pick 2 to Graduate

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>awakens your inner colonial desire to conquer and spread your seed

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Daily reminder she privated her first phasmaphobia collab video
I love that dagger and her not so shitty anymore pc

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>Speaks English, Japanese, and Indonesian
>Better casts then most of JP or EN
>Less gay
Cover should just wipe out most of JP and EN (except Haachama, Coco, and Calliope) as most of them are either boring or in Sora's case so unoriginal that she gets mistaken for Kizuna AI. It's time for the company to get lean and get rid of the chaff. Discuss

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> for some reason you're more allowed to interact with the Muslim extremist branch than the first world branch
You were garnering sympathy until I read this, fuck off ID is good all six of them of which two are Christian if you going to be all /pol/tard

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Yesterday Anon spoonfed me that Risu probably posts on /vt/.

Can we give the ID girls some love, since I don't see any threads about them that often.

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This is a UNITY thread pal. And Unity isn't branch exclusive to EN

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