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You're typing in all caps and don't even know that Google has more control over what has to be censored in the game since it's on their fucking store. Get a fucking grip dude.

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Jesus christ Meimei, your comedic timing is impeccable.

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Kiara's a HUGE dummy.

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Arcsys Soundtracks are just built different.
You'll have this
And this in the same game

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Holy shit is Kronii going to be okay? She sounds like her brain has completely turned into mush.

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>49:50 [eng] How was my talk?
>50:02 [eng] I guess its bad when I get conscious about it
>50:14 [eng] Even if I want to highlight comments it just moves so much
>50:30 [eng] but as u can see Im not good at doing free talks
>50:33 [eng] even after three years
>50:52 [eng] lately... I havent been doing much
>50:57 [eng] Its just that I dont have any friends
>51:09 [eng] Someone~
>51:17 [eng] Here?
>51:22 [eng] I guess I should stream!
>51:43 [eng] wait what should I talk about
>51:59 [eng] I puit out a feint but I couldnt think about anything
>52:05 [eng] ah right I was practicing smash with cloud
>52:15 [eng] this might be spoilers but there are like images
>52:24 [eng] you unlock these and there's this one with aerith
>52:43 [eng] Where cloud was holding onto peach princess
>52:48 [eng] yeah its like a homage
>52:58 [eng] I was like, "How should I accept this picture?
>53:02 [eng] Should I be laughing?
>53:15 [eng] ah I can just think nothing of it?
>53:27 [eng] Ah right crisis core seems like I'll be able to playu that
>53:36 [eng] when did I say I was gonna play it again
>53:42 [eng] but it seems to be a hard game
>53:48 [eng] I said I'll play it on new years!?
Subaru...your remembering reps...

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Mori has the fucking stamina of an ojiisan.

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Luna is literally throwing on purpose just to make Okayu want to spank her. Impressive.

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She likes Shion, and Shion seems to like her.

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her fucking face, she's fucking doomed

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this /vg/ levels of cancer. holy shit

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Envy Baby

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Gura's shill streams are always hilarious because you can tell how absolutely ridiculously nervous she is because she just vomits out nonsensical sentences and words and confuses everyone on what she's even talking about. It's incredibly adorable.

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No, she isn't wrong. Even the other holos have said this is a game where you shut your brain off, it's why it's so addictive.

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Addicted to MOBA, just like her oshi.

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Ina's going to remove free range from this town.

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34:18 [英訳/EN] They're joking around and making wordplays with each other's name. Roberu = Roberugeuse, Oga = Jinoga, Kuku = Kuku-yaku
34:58 [英訳/EN] Oga's asking Roberu to maybe go hunt Magnamalo first and Roberu's asking why would he do that 'cause he'd be drinking way more soloing Magna.
35:55 [英訳/EN] They're noting how the Bazelgeuse variant they got seems to be on the smaller side.
And then Oga proceeds to cart immediately to the smaller than usual Bazelguese they're facing while Fubuki was this close to follow right behind him. This stream is a goddamn treat.

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Jesus fucking christ, this stream is OFF THE RAILS.

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>true 4channer

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I knew it

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>Viewers dropping instead of increasing

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