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Fuck, I thought we still had a few more weeks of rrats in store. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. At least it gave Aria a boost, some of them might even stick around.

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>It's HER
>Cover harasses their young talents to the point where they straight up quit
>She would rather be a 3k sub nobody than a 1M+ sub under Hololive
>Becomes the match that lights up the great YAB

>It's not HER
>Newbie VTuber who just happens to sound like another one
>Is utterly confused by the EOPs who keep spamming Haachama~! in her chat
>Could play into it, could ignore it

I don't know who is right but I know I'm invested in this for the long haul.

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She's not graduating, she's just aging backwards.


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I will, she called me ojii-san. I actually hope it's not Chaamers only because I want more to watch.

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Guess who!

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