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i dont have a good imagination...

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I am the first teachloe fan

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I need to stop listening to this stream

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Mumei's siren song is turning me hooman

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>you will never smell Ame's coconut-scented hair as you hug her
>you will never slowly pull back from your embrace and see Mikki shitting on the floor
>you will never awkwardly sit there while Ame jokingly scolds her dog while simultaneously giving her kisses, picking up the shit with her bare hands, and just tossing it into the nearest trash can

Fuck man I don't think I can stand another day without Ame streaming...

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Do you ever think about how fucked up this is? that vtubers were enhanced, upgraded and perfected to appeal to the most reclusive type of men? to present them a type of woman that they can truly relate to; in their world where everyone else is someone they despise or reject? it's like chuubas only exist to taunt us, to mock our very reclusive existense.

Yet I feel this relief, this cheerful joy in my heart like no other when she is live on stream and I tell myself that if I work hard enough if I drop my bindings and learn to love and forget how to hate then one day I'll find someone like her?
Isn't that cruel?

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>can't have real Mori
>can't have fake Mori

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>YWN goose as hard as matuli

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This is good

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noah is so fucking cute

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Man the Gura stream tonight was comfy and the superchat reading was great too. All that talk of an AI Gura has me sad that I'll never be with her though

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I'm gonna throw another stream on and go play a game with a friend to numb the pain of not having Gura as a gf

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Every time I hear her, can't wait for the solostreams..

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gura isn't my oshi but I can sympathize. It was a mistake getting into vtubers, it reawakened something inside me I thought dead

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I'm going to be called a schizo for this but I don't care. The thread is shit anyway.

Every time the girls have huge events like new outfits, concerts, etc, I'm reminded how far apart they are from me/us. Even something as innocuous as Ame's comment in last night's stream about how her fans allow her to live "a certain lifestyle" remind me that I'm just a prole. A small drop in a bucket. I'm not even sure if I'm describing what I'm feeling properly. It's like, more akin to envy of them, than jealously of other fans' that can SC more or friends/family that know them directly.

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>that asian female anger

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they do you will just never find them because they are either neets, turbo wagies, and/or have super protective parents

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Probably graduates/enters hibernation tbqh.

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I fell for the "improve yourself to become the type of person your waifu would want to date" meme and did all I could to improve myself, but still felt worthless but at least it was chasing a totally unattainable ideal which kept me on the treadmill. I've pretty much dropped anime entirely for chuubas and moved my line of thinking of trying to be the kind of person my oshi would like, but I've slowly been coming around to how no matter what I do, I'll never find anyone who is anything like my oshi because she, or any girl like her, could do much better than some balding computer programmer. The only option I have at all would just be settling for someome I'm unhappy with and that doesn't seem worthwhile for anyone involved. I feel like I'm doomed to die alone & if I am then I might as well just LDAR

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God, i rode to a seaside city today to take a break and pretend that Kronii and i are having a holiday here.
These level of schizo, i have never think i could be.

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