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i kinda liked artia tbqh

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>if you are nobody you got banned 3~6 days.
people there are more angry about the double standard instead of the actually not soo strict rules.
that sounds just like youtube, by the way someone has organized details regarding the chinese government and vtubers in general incase you are interested in the western perspective.

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exactly, love this gremlin

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Gonna start with chuubas with low view counts
Hayate-kun JP - indie and pretty much the kind that enjoys streaming despite having little to 5 viewers, plays FGO a LOT, Splatoon and generally switch games, knows a little bit of english.
Rinrin JP - Discovered her through Azki's 24 hour Radio which also helped her channel boost a little bit, She's pretty cute, has a 3D model, has a consistent viewerbase, average 10-15 viewers.
Milana Lavina JP - few of you might know her, she likes horror games, collabs and is pretty talkative, her streams are fun if you manage to catch her schedule. average 20-30 viewers
Dasai Yuuna JP - knows a bit of english likes to play stardew valley, terraria few other games and recently modded miencraft, she once auditioned to nijisanji but failed, not sure if she'll try again. she's pretty fun and her design has an underboob Average 10 viewers
Harutumi Hayate JP - cute cat, very talkative with chat, knows little english. love that superchat, will possibly follow you back in twitter. does horror games and PSO2 - average 10-15 viewers
Sumishiro Mashiro JP- does mostly Apex streams and ASMR, collabs a lot with her vtuber circle, she's pretty soft spoken and her mic kinda has issues but i still enjoy her, average 12 viewers
Kano Channel JP- Literally an MS Paint Vtuber, probably a dude but that wont stop me, discovered her 2 days ago, pretty cute, Does Minecraft, PUBG lite and a few mobage, recently garnering 25 average viewers
Kido Rumina JP- plays a whole variety of games, streams mostly everyday, has a pretty active jp fanbase with 80 viewers average
AIMAITEI UMAMI JP - Currently have plenty of ongoing playthroughs, started genshin and cyberpunk recently. she's pretty cute, averaging 9 viewers and sometimes even less.
Kureha Kurono EN - Virtual Singer, but does gaming from time to time, has a pretty active EN fanbase and Official discord serb. recently collabed with Moona which hopefully gets her channel to pick up steam. -
LOLO Ch. some may probably already know her, Towa's sister, does a lot of ASMR and free talks. also gaming
Nijisanji, Noor IN - indian vtuber, she has one of the best designs i've seen in a vtuber. recently addicted in genshin, pretty fun to listen to and does advice streams.
Shiraryuri Lily JP/EN - Japanese, fluent in english, likes to do a lot of zatsudan streams, pretty talkative and likes to interact with her fans. she game as well.

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I'm glad YAGOO hired Ame

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