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Anddd I forgot to adress what you even said to begin with. The reason I asked how you enjoyed it was to see if you had interest in the prostate play part which was what I just spoke about. Even if you can't describe stuff well, just guiding me in the right direction by saying "I liked this part, I ignored this part, I disliked this part" is incredibly helpful. The author will be able to spot the error much more easily if you point your finger at it, and also will know what the audience enjoys and do more of it. So even if you just say "I like the handjob, I ignored the prostate play, I disliked how short it was" It's already really good feedback. >>9153127

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I will never accept EN as part of Hololive. They ruined a whole generation of Vtubers, if not all of them to come.

The blandest of Holos, the literal "safe choice", a mascot, the face of the company for being their little advertisement whore. Fubuki is fucking pathetic. Enjoy watching her breakdown on stream you fag and fuck off.

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