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It sure will be funny if Flare finally get a shiny but then resets cause of muscle memory haha

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Don't you fucking lie to me. /hlg/ was borderline unusable when Ayame and Chloe were streaming at the same time.

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I know this looks like the anti-thread because Ayame is streaming but please don't bring your trash in here.

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He what?

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Why do people numberfag a streams opening and yell LOL LOOK AT THESE POOR NUMBERS!

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I dreamed that I was missing my oshi's stream so I opened my eyes quickly and realized she didn't even make a tweet.

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>I'd probably hate short haired Kiara
KFP, what the everloving fuck?

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Has nobody told Kiara that all she needs to do is ask the Holos that are close to Ayame to ask? She has such a wide array too. She already says she connect with Subaru and Fubuki but she can also talk to Mio, Okayu, Korone and Marine. Or maybe she should stop being a chicken and just ask. It's weird that she just straight up skipped someone because she's afraid of being ghosted instead of just asking and if you get ghosted then just move on.

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The last time I reported dox, I got hit with a warning.

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>Every Gen 6 member has embedding disabled for their stream
Please stop it.

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You want an honest answer?

When I was about 4 years old I saw the movie Monkey Bone starring Brendan Frasier. It's an extremely sexually charged movie and led to me discovering masturbation. Because I was too young to know how to fap, I just went in a prone position and humped my blanket until I felt the need to pee. Sometimes I would have to ask my mother up to five times in one night to let me use the bathroom, and she never caught on to what I was doing. Even though I would discover porn at 11, in that seven years' time I had been fapping in bed almost... No, every single day.

It's not about nofap or ED or anything now that I'm 21. Instead, if I don't prone bone my blankets in bed, I get anxious and actually have worse sleep. I literally need to be hard at night to feel good in the morning. I think the longest I've gone without needing to bang my blankie has been five days. Yes, even in college I did this and had to hide it from my roommate by going very, very slow.

If you have children you need to understand the dangers of showing them sexually explicit material. I had no access to a computer and I still got fucked up by a fucking proto-furry film. It will happen to your kids too, even if you're as careful as my prudish parents.

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>3.1 million views after a year
>ONLY 3.1 Million Views after a year

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Doesn't Pokemon have some tag team or switch combos?

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I do not miss anyone.

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Pokedex Entry for Mega Glalie
>The excess energy from Mega Evolution spilled over from its mouth, breaking its jaw. It spews endless blizzards.
>It envelops prey in its mouth, freezing them instantly. But its jaw is dislocated, so it's unable to eat them.
What the FUCK GameFreak.

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When was the last time we saw Flare not wearing her Idol Outfit.

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Couldn't even mix me a drink...

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Hey (you)!
Yes (YOU)!
Do reps!

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please be nice

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IRyS is going to ERP.

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I posted this too soon.

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