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I know it's all shitposting but I don't think you would want anybody to be the Ayame of something. Having no streams for an entire month and a half because you don't feel like streaming and would instead spend your time on outside projects like recording for concerts and covers is something nobody should have to go through. Hell even Aqua's cut back on the streams due to pursuing being more idol than gamer though she at least holds a once in a blue moon.

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Why the fuck does Marine have so many female fans when she acts like a perverted old man? Is there something I'm not getting?

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God the things I want to do with Marine's tiny body

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Ya, but she has big boobs, like Japanese g cip, so DDD burger size. Thank for that info Kana.

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Oh no.

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>That Ichimi with the sparkles

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My sides
Someone has to do this, it makes them look like assholes

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I seen that too, it's really funny

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Marine is made for punching, pulling by the hair and throwing out of the house in winter.

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Everyone runs away creaming well Mumei just sits there super calmly with a monster breathing on her back. She is the most fun to watch for this

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She is doing the same thing Marine always does. Hope she doesn't die as well.

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Jokes on you, I never had any English skills to begin with. I'm a vascular surgeon and both my writing and general English are fucking terrible.

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>Looks at everybody's panties except Ollie
Goddamn Matsuri.

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>Bea keeps running away outside leaving everyone to die
My sides

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APEX fans are crazy people. I remember they were attacking Aqua for awhile and made her quit playing. It's nice they forced her to quit playing, but holy fuck Aqua can't take bullying well.

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That miss was fucking incredible.

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>Tune into Pekora
>There's a cutscene where people are talking
>Okay that's cool I'll go watch something else
>Tune in again later
>More talking
>Tune in again later
>More talking
>Repeat like six times
>Tune in again
>Actual gameplay


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I can't believe I've been talking about Hololive with a bunch of loser degenerates such as yourselves for nearly two years now.

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Marine would probably cause a massive shitfest. A lot of the girls in hololive joined becuase of Marine and she handles a lot of the fucking shit in Hololive with FBK.

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>One hour has passed
>Shion has only sung 5 songs

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Marine isn't normal per say and kinda very weird, but she is perfectly mentally sound and actaully a very good worker.

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>Sora sang today
>Suisei sang today
>Flare sang today
>Rikka sang today
>Now Matsuri is about to sing
That's a lot of karaoke.

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Visitors have no choice but to enter Watson's black hole.

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I hope the Marine guy that posts what Marine is talking about in the thread doesn't leave. I wonder if Marines fans are dying or not becuase Marine acts like not stream is killing her.

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